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Lideng Raincoat Exhibition
Aug 03, 2018

Shenzhen Lideming Raincoat Co., Ltd. joined the 32nd Motorcycle Fair in Chongqing. The delegation was led by He Jiang, a team of seven people, showing the company's motorcycle ponchos and raincoats produced in the past year, especially the 28 new products developed this year, which were also welcomed by the participants. The new model fully demonstrates the company's humanized planning ability and demonstrates the safety of the new poncho and raincoat. The variety of products, the new products in the exhibition manufacturers, Li Deming company is at the top. One customer wrote on the message board that “Li De Ming raincoat has a new launch every year, let us feel the innovative ability of Li Mingming, feel the vitality of the forward neutrality, the product of the little raincoat, let Lideng do it. Out of the big market."

  Visitors to the exhibition halls of Lideng raincoats came to visit. The customers carefully inspected the quality of the products and carefully studied the structure of the style. Many customers also made constructive opinions on the products of Li Deming. The company carried out these valuable opinions. In summary, the company believes that these opinions will play a positive role in the company's development. In the three days, the company welcomes more than 230 new and old customers, and the total order value exceeds one million yuan. Seeing the orders signed by the exhibition, the employees of Lideng Company said: "If you have farming, you will have something to gain."

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