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London Fashion Week It’s not a big deal to miss a transparent raincoat. Translucent tulle may be more suitable for you.
Nov 02, 2018

Remember the PVC transparent material that was fired for a whole year last year? Whether it's Kanye West's second season series in collaboration with Adidas, the transparent raincoats appear on the Chanel 2018 show, or the transparent bags from Celine, Maison and Margiela, these stylish items with transparent features For a time, it became the best interpretation of "cool" and "alternative" for young people.

But when such "cool" fashion items began to appear in large numbers in the streets and lanes, and appeared in the low-end consumer market with a cheaper image, the fashion industry's wavers gradually lost interest in them. This group of young people who yearn for mavericks are beginning to find a balance between transparent and non-transparent materials.

On the last day of London Fashion Week, the designers also brought the compromises they found to the show. As the last fashion show brand on the London Fashion Week schedule, On/Off continued the design style of the past and the audience was unclear. After some extremely exaggerated designs, the designer replaced the all-transparent PVC fabric that was popular on the show last year with a translucent gauze material, and made an interesting mosaic of this translucent material with reflective fabrics and cotton. It avoids the sultry and non-breathable properties of PVC materials.

In addition to the stitching On/Off on the skirt, this design is also brought to the jacket. Different from the complete transparency of the previous season, this translucent material and splicing design make the clothing more euphemistic in its overall presentation. It also adds a sense of beauty that is still half-faced.

Another application for semi-transparent gauze material can be said to be more common in this week's London Fashion Week. The translucent gauze material is cut into the style of ordinary cropped trousers to match the skirt of the lower body. Although in the past, the pants with skirts and leggings seemed to be too cumbersome, the transparency of the gauze just reduced the visual burden, but brought a more novel visual effect.

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