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Look at the essence through the shoe cover, let the truth be white
Sep 03, 2018

The shoe cover is used to keep the room clean in everyone's life. It is a common dustproof protective device that is convenient for guests to take off their shoes and achieve environmental pollution. However, some people with bad thoughts use it to do something immoral or even sin, making the shoe cover unintentionally an "accomplice." However, there is good news recently, there is a new technology, even if you wear a shoe cover, you can print your footprints. This is how it happened?

This new technology was invented by the Department of Military Security at Xi'an Political Institute, one of the faculty members said. “Even if the criminals step on the tile floor with a shoe cover, we can use professional optical imaging equipment to quickly collect his footprints for case analysis.” In recent years, the college has defended the training and advanced personnel in the military. Achievements in technology research and development.

In recent years, the teachers and students of the Department of Military Defence Work of the College have gradually established the "Criminal Science Experiment Center", "Classic Crime Scene Investigation Professional Classroom", "Judicial Appraisal Center", etc., and their equipment and technology are leading in China. “Even if it’s just the contact between clothes, we can find evidence of contact from the fiber; a broken glass can be judged by tapping or tapping outside; even if someone wears a shoe cover, Wearing gloves to analyze his personal characteristics; the lie detector can judge whether you are true or not through your subtle physiological reaction," said the department instructor.

Through this kind of optical imaging technology, those who want to use the shoe cover to "make up", this time should also break this point of mind? The shoe cover finally got back "innocence" for himself.

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