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Maintenance of the three raincoats
Jul 09, 2018

Maintenance of the three raincoats

"Raincoat" is actually a kind of clothes that can be used to keep out the rain. It is usually made of cloth that can be waterproofed. If you want to classify raincoats, then it can be roughly divided into three categories, the first is a raincoat, the second is a raincoat, and the third is a plastic raincoat.

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The first category: tape raincoat.

If your raincoat is a tape raincoat, you should immediately put the used clothes in a cool, ventilated place and dry the raincoat after use. If there is something dirty on your raincoat, you can put your raincoat on a flat table, gently scrub with a soft brush and some water to wash off the dirty things, remember the raincoat of the tape. I can't use my hands to rub it, I can't put it under the sun, I can't put it on the fire to burn it, I can't use the alkaline soap to clean it. The purpose of this is to avoid the raincoat aging. Or become brittle. Tape raincoats can't be put together with oil. They should be stacked when they are stored. You can't put heavy things on the raincoat. You can't put it together with something hot, so that the raincoat is not pressed out. Pleats, or cracks. In the box of the raincoat of the tape, some mothballs should be placed in order to prevent the raincoat from sticking.

The second category: rainproof raincoat

If your raincoat is a raincoat raincoat, when the raincoat is wet, you can't use your hands or a cap to play the rain on the raincoat, as this may damage the waterproofness of the fibers in the raincoat. Rainproof raincoats are not suitable for frequent cleaning. If it is cleaned frequently, it is very likely that the waterproof performance of the raincoat will be reduced. If you think your raincoat is too dirty, you can use a little water to gently rub the raincoat, then dry the washed raincoat, then hang it to dry, when the raincoat is completely dry, take the iron Just burn it. If you are going to put the raincoat away, then you have to fold the clothes before they are completely dry. This is to prevent the fatty wax in the raincoat from chemically reacting due to moisture, which makes the raincoat moldy.

The third category: plastic film raincoat

If your raincoat is a plastic film raincoat, when the raincoat is wet, you should immediately wipe the water off the raincoat with a dry rag, or take the raincoat to a cool, dry place and dry it. Plastic film raincoats should not be exposed to the sun, and should not be placed on fire. If your raincoat is wrinkled and you can't use the iron to heat it, you can put the raincoat in the warm water of seventy or eighty degrees for a minute, then take it out and put it on a flat table. Use your The hand will spread the raincoat flatly. Don't try to pull the raincoat to avoid deformation of the raincoat. If the plastic raincoat is used for a long time, it will be prone to degumming or cracking. If the raincoat is not broken, You can choose to fix it yourself. The method of patching is. Place a small piece of film in the raincoat torn the opening, then place a piece of cellophane on top of the film. Then use the electric iron to quickly burn it, so that the film can be glued to the tearing opening for the purpose of repairing. When repairing raincoats, it is important to remember that raincoats cannot be sewn with needlework. Otherwise, it is very likely that the raincoat will have a bigger problem.


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