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Method for preserving disposable raincoat
Aug 02, 2018

Disposable raincoats are becoming more and more widely used in our lives. Now we classify disposable raincoats according to their materials. They can be divided into three types: tape raincoat, rainproof raincoat and plastic film raincoat. Maintenance methods are different for different types of disposable raincoats.

Under the general circumstances, we should hang in the ventilated place to dry in time after use. Once the raincoat surface has stains, put the raincoat on the table and gently scrub with a soft brush and water. Oh, don't put it in the sun, burn it, or wash it with a large alkaline soap to prevent the film from sticking or aging and becoming brittle.

After the disposable raincoat made of tarpaulin is used, it is best not to wash the raincoat of this material as it will reduce its waterproof performance. When it is too dirty, it is only advisable to gently rub it with water, then wring it out and hanging it. After drying, it should be ironed with iron. When collecting, it must be completely dried and then folded to prevent the raincoat from becoming moldy.

After using the disposable raincoat made of plastic film, use the dry cloth to dry the rain or dry it in a cool place. Stack it and use it again next time. If the raincoat is stained with oil, spread it on the table, gently scrub with a soft brush and soapy water, then rinse off with water. After washing, dry in a cool, ventilated place, avoid exposure and fire. When the raincoat is wrinkled, do not use the iron to iron. You can immerse the raincoat in hot water at 70-80 °C for 1 minute, remove it and put it on a flat tabletop, flatten it by hand, and do not pull it hard. Anti-deformation.

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