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Open a shoe store to attract customers
Sep 03, 2018

Now many shoe stores are paying more and more attention to the hardware details of shoe stores. For example, Yinxin Bird not only works hard on the lighting, display and shoe design of its brand stores, but also notices the details of shoe-shoes, packaging, umbrella stand and so on. In view of the different characteristics of people's left and right feet, they also placed a measuring device to recommend suitable shoes for customers. At the same time, they piled up in a conspicuous place in the shoe store, and they piled up a lot of feelings for the customers, and made customers feel "cheap."

The profit level of shoe stores lies in the selection of shoes, display, sales techniques, promotion methods and other aspects of work, but also the idea of the operators and sales staff, and how to subtly convey their sales attitude to customers. Conditional shoe stores can also set up TV screens and stereos in the store, use TV broadcasts to create momentum, preach, and evoke customers' impulses to purchase, and complete the transformation of shop customers into consumers.

Creating a good sales atmosphere requires a combination of shoe store software and hardware. The role of this person is very important. Consumers need a feeling of being respected. When you give a gift to a consumer, you must explain the reason for the delivery. Emphasize that the gift is not sent by everyone. It is appropriate to communicate with the consumer. Can hold people up and down, and don't let consumers have a sense of impureness in your language. As long as you create a good sales atmosphere, consumers will be willing to take out the money in their pockets and return to your shoe store again and again.

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