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Pet raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

Girls like to buy new clothes, they can't wait to get dressed. In fact, this phenomenon also occurs in the world of dogs.

The good friends of the fondant family sent a raincoat to the soft candy for the past two days. The mother took the parcel home and rushed up without opening the soft candy, and looked at it very curiously. When the parcel was opened, it may be because there were other dogs on the raincoat. The soft candy immediately became more interesting, and the face was put on a raincoat.

Now, the pet raincoat is very user-friendly, not only can cover the dog's head, but also put the limbs into the sleeves, so it will be more convenient to wear. Most importantly, the raincoat has a compact design on the abdomen, according to the dog's body. The shape is properly adjusted t is correct and very practical. Autumn is coming, my mother is worried that it will always rain, causing inconvenience to the soft candy toilet, so I am going to buy a new raincoat. Friends and family members of the jelly know that they need to wear soft candy before buying a small raincoat. Think of the size is quite appropriate.

The soft candy on the new raincoat was very successful. The whole dog was very happy and kept laughing. Mothers usually take snacks to tease the fudge, and today do not need any snacks, a small model of obedience. Probably because the tan fur is white, so the red plaid pattern of the raincoat looks good. She was very happy watching the soft candy, she was proud of herself, she was really beautiful. But I don't know that the rest of the raincoat is suitable for soft candy, except for the limbs. The mousse was a bit long, so my mother rolled up the sleeves of the fudge, joking that the cream fudge legs were a bit short, but the dessert fudge didn't know how happy it was.

If the weather in the south is wet, it is easy to rain in some seasons. Families with long-haired dogs may consider preparing raincoats for their dogs at home, or consider waterproof shoes. This way, you don't have to worry about going to the bathroom when it rains. When you come back, you only need to use a hair dryer to dry the wet place. It saves a lot of effort. Next, you don't have to say. Those smug soft candy sit at home and wait for new shoes.

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