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Pingyao shoes
Sep 03, 2018

Before the Spring Festival, Pingyao's first ancestral traditional cloth shoes star brand store - Baolongzhai debut in the ancient city. This is the first time that the Pingyao County Tourism Bureau has issued the "Pingyao shoes simple and true standard" and "Pingyao shoes brand store standard", and the first time the business stores that meet the standards and operating standards are listed. “The establishment of Baolongzhai brand store has set up a model for the whole industry. I hope that under its driving and leading, Pingyao hand-made shoes will be able to grow healthily and out of the marketing road of Pingyao.” Pingyao Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Liu Jianchang said.

    The old-fashioned shoe industry is defensive in tradition

    According to the reporter's taste, Baolongzhai's predecessor is the old name of Yongyao, which is the old name of Pingyao, which has existed for more than 200 years. It is the only old brand in the ancient pottery industry. "Building a pair of pure hand-made shoes has to go through more than 50 procedures such as sample selection, piping, nano-bottoming, and fine processing. The cost of a pair of pure hand-made shoes is 70 to 80 yuan. However, due to the impact of some low-cost mechanical shoes, consumption The concept of a pair of handmade shoes is only at the price of 30 yuan, and the southern embroidered shoes attract a lot of passengers because of the fancy style, which brings a lot of growth to the local hand-made shoes. Impact." Hou Qinglong, the third generation descendant of "Yong Qing Zhai" told reporters.

    In recent years, with the booming tourism industry in Pingyao Ancient City, Pingyao's traditional hand-made shoes have been greeted by more and more consumers because of their comfortable wearing and meticulous singing. Due to the wealth of the market, some shoddy and competitive prices have flashed. In order to comply with the market, the traditional hand-built shoe industry is also operating at a high price. The overall growth of the hand-made shoes market is a trend of meager profit. Some old-fashioned manufacturers who have always maintained traditional hand-built construction have entered a difficult position. At the same time, because consumers are not very aware of Pingyao's pure hand-made shoes, they often spend a lot of money, but they can't buy real high-quality goods, and the benefits of consumers have also been violated.

    In response to these scenes, in the second half of the old year, Pingyao County Tourism Bureau conducted an inquiry visit to the production and sale market of hand-made shoes in the county, decided to establish the Pingyao Handmade Shoes Industry Association, and issued the “Pingyao shoes simple and true resolution standard”. "Pingyao shoes brand store standard", "Pingyao shoes brand processing store standard". The discriage standard of the shoes is cruel from the materials of the shoes, the layer of the bottom rope, the needle hole of the thousand layers, the connection between the upper and the sole, and requests these standards to indicate the store.

    At present, Pingyao Ancient City old-fashioned hand-made shoes store is mainly concentrated in the ancient city of West Daxiang, Nanda Alley, Qimen Street, Chenghuang Temple Street, Beida Lane and other rich streets, there are 16 brands including Baolongzhai and Qujia Shoes Square, all of which are in the industry. The staff is over 200 people. Under the impact of market competition, these old brands still maintain the principle of “good faith, morality first” and persist in the tradition. In Hou Tianlong’s words: “The craftsmanship of traditional hand-made shoes can’t be lost in the hands of our generation. It’s sure to make the craftsmanship of a hundred years old.”

    The old name wants to take the road of brand chain stores

    According to Liu Jianchang, deputy director of the Pingyao Tourism Bureau, the professional small shoe workshops for the construction of traditional cloth shoes in Pingyao are very simple. The construction of hand-made shoes has a long history. The traditional artists are rampant. Because of their breathability and strong sweat absorption, they are comfortable to wear and singers. It is meticulous, and it can best flash the Chinese traditional female redness. It is favored by consumers and has many repeat customers. At this moment, the booming tourism industry in Pingyao has attracted passengers from all over the country and even around the world. Hand-made shoes have become another characteristic tourist product after beef, lacquer lacquer and long yam, and are very popular among Chinese and foreign passengers. At present, Pingyao's old-fashioned hand-made shoes have had a constant source of customers in Beijing, Tianjin and other northern cities. At this moment, they have expanded their markets to cities such as the South.

    On the south alley of Pingyao Ancient City, Baolongzhai’s 2.5-meter-high giant hand-made sole “signboard” has become an eye-catching scenery in the ancient city. In order to make the folk culture of hand-made shoes unearthed, the father’s craftsmanship of Hou Baoku’s old artists will be greatly enhanced. Hou Tianlong will continue to explore the roots of traditional craftsmanship in order to meet the needs of the times, from fancy, materials and colors. Renovation, on the basis of the burden and the traditional craftsmanship, intervene in the elements of fashion, keep up with the French model of the times, to make friends with the joys and hobbies of the consumer groups. “Baolongzhai” has also become the recommended product of Pingyao Domestic Photo Contest and sold to Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an and other places. Hou Tianlong also brought together all kinds of shoe-making tools that have been manipulated in the old-fashioned name. He set up a showroom in the courtyard of the former site of Yongqingzhai, opened a show for shoes, and established the Baolongzhai Footwear Art Museum. In the process of buying shoes, the passengers appreciate the "in the past" and "this moment" of the shoes and the whole process of building a pair of shoes. Hou Tianlong said that the establishment of the brand store has further motivated him to maintain the business path of “winning by quality”. Later, he will also check the "Old Beijing" cloth chain store business model, from the road of blue-browed production and sales, gradually grow the road of brand chain stores, and make Pingyao traditional hand-made shoes into a big brand.

    During the visit to Pingyao Ancient City, many hand-shoes business operators decided to be confident in the decision-making criteria for the introduction of the shoes. I hope that this step will enable them to step out of adversity. Some old-fashioned hand-shoes business operators told reporters: "The introduction of standards is very important for them in the industry of shoemaking. With the standard, our road will go further, those who are not standard will be gradually reduced, the value of handmade shoes It will gradually increase, and naturally our business will be better."

    Liu Jianchang, deputy director of the Pingyao County Tourism Bureau, said that in order to support the shoe industry in the ancient city, Pingyao County Tourism Bureau not only recommended Pingyao's hand-made shoes in publicity and various exhibitions, but also added manual work to the guide training content. The common sense of shoes has been extensively increased, and the promotion of Pingyao traditional hand-made shoes has increased, and the brand of Pingyao hand-made shoes has become bigger and bigger.

    At this moment, with the simple and clear standard of cloth shoes, Pingyao hand-made shoes have stepped into the new solution point of growth. I hope that this traditional folk handicraft that combines sex and artistry will become me like Pingyao beef. Another feature of the province is tourism goods.

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