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Plastic shoe cover synthesis process
Sep 03, 2018

The plastic shoe cover is very convenient to use, dustproof, anti-dirty, waterproof, and does not need to be cleaned, and is very popular. So, do you know how plastic shoe covers are shaped? Let's take a look at it!

When the linear polyethylene polymer is synthesized, the pressure used is low, and the molecular chain of the obtained linear polyethylene generally has a linear structure and a high degree of formation; the linear polyethylene may exist in the form of a homopolymer, but Most linear polyethylenes are copolymers whose comonomers are olefins (e.g., butene, hexene, pentene, octene, etc.). It can be classified according to the density of the polymer, the synthesis method of the polymer, and the molecular chain structure. Resin is the main component of plastics, which causes other functional additives to be added together. In the in-line copolymer, the monomeric short-chain branch is formed along with the ethylene backbone, and the greater the number of comonomers, the lower the density of the polyethylene.

The composition of plastics is very complicated. Almost all plastics are based on a variety of resins. The sticks have a variety of materials for improving the function of Liu. The melting rate of polyethylene is high, the molecular weight is low, the melt cat is low, and the molding processing temperature is also low; the melt activity rate is low, the molecular weight is high, the melt viscosity is high, and the molding processing overflow is correspondingly improved.

The melt activity rate of the polyethylene resin directly affects the function of the product and the molding process premise. Additives are additives in plastics.

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