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Qingyuan where there are drifting raincoats wholesale
Aug 02, 2018

   Qingyuan is also known as Fengcheng. It is located in the central part of Guangdong Province, the middle and lower reaches of the Beijiang River. It is adjacent to Shaoguan City in the north and northeast, Guangzhou City in the southeast and south, Foshan City in the south and Zhaoqing City in the west. The rainfall is abundant, the water system is developed, and there are many canyon rivers. It is the city with the most ecological, hydrological and tourism resources in Guangdong. It is also the hometown of rafting in China, and there are many rafting spots: among them, the famous, top grade, and scale are: Gulongxia rafting, Huangtengxia rafting, Qinglongxia rafting, Xuanzhen rafting, five-star rafting, Feilaixia rafting, etc.! Among them, the peak of Gulongxia, stimulating the world. The 2015 Guangdong Tourism General Appraisal List was promulgated, and Gulongxia won the “most exciting” drifting, the only one in Guangdong.

  The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming soon. I don't know what arrangements are there for this small holiday? I personally think that drifting is good, both exciting and fun, and it is a tourism project to vent pressure. But when you go drifting, remember to prepare a drifting raincoat. The drifting raincoat is made up of a raincoat and a waterproof cover, which can protect all our clothes and shoes from being soaked.

  Shenzhen Li Deming is a factory specializing in R&D, production and sales of raincoats. The products are sold well in domestic and overseas markets. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation. The drifting raincoat is still well-known.

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