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Raincoat cloth is very sloppy
Aug 02, 2018

A slight wrinkle on the raincoat can be hung on the hanger to allow it to naturally return to a flat surface. If the wrinkles are tight, the raincoat can be immersed in hot water at about 70 °C for 2 minutes. After being taken out, put it on the flat plate and flatten it. Then wipe the water trace to restore the flatness. Be careful not to pull it hard.

Raincoat purchase and maintenance

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): It is a jelly translucent plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. This raincoat is inexpensive.

But it is easy to break. Nylon plus polyvinyl chloride: the inner surface of the nylon fabric is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer, which is moderately priced and not easy to break.

Loss is the main material used in raincoats. Waterproof and moisture permeable cloth: the inner surface of the cloth is coated with a waterproof and moisture permeable paint, which is commonly used by police and climbers.

GORE-TEX brand raincoat, its waterproof and moisture permeable layer has 1 billion micropores per inch square. These micropores allow

Gas molecules pass, but can not let larger water molecules pass, so it can achieve waterproof and breathable effect; the disadvantage is the price

Very high. Most of the raincoats have a comparison table that chooses the size of the raincoat by height, but because of the raincoat factory on the market.

The raincoats manufactured by the company are not the same size, so it is not recommended to go directly to the size of one of the raincoats.

It is easy to make mistakes when purchasing raincoats of different brands. It is best to try on the raincoat, but usually the raincoat of the mall cannot be tried on. It is recommended that the ordinary clothes wear the number L of the M.

Raincoats, and so on, will be more opaque, even if winter clothes are worn more. Pay attention to the water-repellent layer: the maintenance part is mainly made of raincoat made of nylon and polyvinyl chloride. The surface of the new raincoat has a water-repellent coating that allows the rainwater to form drops of water on the raincoat, shortening the drying time, and protecting the water-spraying coating. It can only be wiped and dried, or cleaned with water. However, after using it for more than 10 times, the water-spraying coating will naturally fall off due to the rain.

Other ways of maintenance. Cleaning is required. When the raincoat is used up, it is best to wipe it with a dry cloth and dry it naturally in a cool place. Do not expose it to the sun. Do not rub when cleaning the raincoat. This will cause the PVC and nylon cloth to detach, causing air to infiltrate and foam. Rubber raincoat storage method: When collecting rubber raincoat, you can lining the newspaper in the interlayer, or sprinkle a layer of hazelnut powder and fold it again.

There will be no bonding for a long time. Plastic raincoat wrinkle method: slight wrinkles appear on the raincoat, which can be hung on the hanger to make it naturally flat. If the wrinkles are tight

The raincoat can be immersed in hot water at about 70 °C for 2 minutes, taken out and placed on a flat plate.

Then dry the water traces, you can restore the level, pay attention not to pull hard. Plastic raincoat adhesion method: plastic raincoat rupture, you can first align the broken mouth, put a piece of cellophane on it, and then use a hot iron rod on it

After pressing a few times, the time of pressing down should not be too long, so that the cellophane will not be burnt, and the plastic below will stick.

Holes, you can use the same plastic cloth to cut a square or a block slightly larger than the hole, cover it over the hole, and then

Cover the cellophane and heat it in the same way. Rubber raincoat odor removal method: When the rubber raincoat has an odor, the hydrogen peroxide can be mixed into the water to soak the raincoat, and the odor will disappear after drying.

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