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Raincoat custom made condition
Aug 17, 2018

Raincoats are made of waterproof fabric and worn outside. There are many kinds of waterproof fabrics for raincoats, such as tape, tarpaulin and plastic film. With the improvement of the degree of survival, the variety of raincoat manufacturers is increasing. Then let's take a look at the raincoats.

    According to the style, it is divided into windbreaker and two-section. The windbreaker is easy to use, but it is not enough for the leg. The two-section style is much better than the windbreaker type on the leg, but it is more troublesome to wear; according to the material, there is polyvinyl chloride (PVC): it is the semi-clear plastic raincoat that is often seen outside. Low but fragile.

    Nylon plus PVC: It is a layer of PVC waterproof layer on the inner surface of the nylon fabric. Its price is moderate and it is not easy to damage. It is the main material for raincoats today. Waterproof and moisture permeable cloth: The inner surface of the cloth is coated with a waterproof and moisture permeable paint.

Motorcycle raincoats are different from ordinary raincoats. Because they are worn by vehicles, they are very demanding. Nowadays, raincoats produced by city raincoat manufacturers sell water-repellent cloth and sea gel raincoats at prices of 20-45 yuan. Regardless of the raincoat of that material, pay attention to the following issues when purchasing:

    The extent of the front cover. Longer amplitudes can more effectively block rain. Pull the back of the mirror to resist pulling. Here is the most vulnerable place for raincoats, especially the rubber raincoat. Splashing cloth raincoats can easily remove waterproof glue. Judging method: pressing against the pressure, if the inner layer of waterproof rubber has significant creases, it is inferior material, easy to degumming and pungent. Waterproof tape should be used for the seam of the splashing raincoat. Raincoats that do not wear waterproof tape must be permeable.

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With the widespread use of raincoats, the competition of raincoat manufacturers on the market has increased, resulting in uneven quality of production, so consumers should pay attention to distinguish when purchasing.

    Fabric identification. If the recycled material has odor, the glue and the cloth will have poor synergy, the glue will be white, and it will wrinkle and peel off when used; work. If the equipment is outdated, the stitch length of the tailor is too large, the stitching height is low, the seal is not up to standard, and it is easy to seep. Design style. At first, I thought about the actual effect of rain protection and wearing comfort, followed by serious and generous.

    Finally, it can also depend on the permeability. If it is rainproof, the cover will cover the human body, the heat in the body will not be discharged, and the outside will be hot inside, which will form stagnant water and ooze the lining inside the raincoat.

The style of raincoats in our country is very voluminous. In order to satisfy the users' demand for rainy weather, coupled with the improvement of the living conditions of the residents, the aesthetics of the users are constantly being promoted. Therefore, when using all kinds of rain gears, we not only need high functions. There is also a need to affirmatively improve its level of elegance. The raincoat manufacturer is here to give you a brief introduction.

    Disposable raincoats are a kind of rain gear that is more convenient in today's city, and it is more common in the use of travellers. The use of different types of disposable raincoats is different, and the main practical people are also different. For example, the various styles of one-piece disposable raincoats are made of PE materials, and the practical people are mainly adults. .

    In addition to the universal use of disposable raincoats of this material, the use of PEVA raincoats is also more common.

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