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Raincoat dealers will have such distress, where is the raincoat sales outlet?
Nov 02, 2018

In the rainy areas, the arts and cultural performances require a lot of raincoats. The sky is raining, and the autumn wind is chilly, but the middle school of Lashi Town in Xiangdong District is warm and thick. The red stage inflatable shed is full of seats, and many folks are wearing umbrellas and raincoats. Originally, in order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to respect the old, respect the old, love the old, and help the elderly, Lashi Town held a cultural performance show in the “Into the New Era, Celebrating the Double Ninth Festival”.

In the cheers, the dance "Gathering Together" by the Lashi Village Association has opened the prelude to the activities, folk art performances of lion dance and dragon dance, solo "often go home to see", saxophone play "Northern Spring", The dance "Chinese Dance", "Zhu Shou Ge", "Red Lantern", "A Ying Shan Hong", "Ten Red Army", Soft Ball, Tai Chi Performance and other wonderful programs took turns, and the applause of each other's ups and downs, self-directed dialect program three-and-a-half performances Zanda City pushed the literary performance to a climax.

The literary and art performances totaled 22 programs. The main body of the performance was the members of the old associations in the villages. They were all energetic and brought a visual feast to the audience, which not only created a harmonious "advanced" The atmosphere of the old and happy, let the old people spend a happy, peaceful and meaningful Double Ninth Festival, but also enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the masses and promoted the outstanding traditional culture and traditional festivals of our country.

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