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Raincoat factory reminds you to drive on rainy days
Aug 03, 2018

Thunderstorms in summer, not every wetness in the search for tides, is it necessary for the hipsters to dress up beautifully in this rainy season? The pop-up winds explained by Shenzhen Lideng Raincoat Factory with raincoats are colorful. In March 2013, Shenzhen raincoats were popular. Since entering March, it has been in a rainy climate, and the wholesale of raincoats in the umbrella market in Shenzhen has also become more prosperous. Raincoat factory special tips for friends who go out on rainy days, what should you pay attention to when driving in rainy days? Rainy driving should be prepared to guard against the precautions, be careful and be careful, and pay special attention to the following points:

At first, children are hiding from the rain on the roadside. Children generally have more guts than the sky, especially in urban children, and they are active. In the rainy days, I like to run around, and I don’t know what the traffic rules are, so I must pay attention to it.

Secondly, pay attention to the rider wearing a raincoat: these people usually wrap themselves in raincoats on rainy days, only revealing their faces, their ears are covered by raincoats, and the vision and hearing are rarely affected by affirmation. The traffic conditions of the left, right, and rear parties cannot be found and evaded in real time. Also pay attention to one hand to fight the umbrella, one hand to help the cyclists: they have poor volatility in the direction of riding, when they meet the driving vehicle, they will be frightened, left and right, and walk on the road, S-shaped, almost returning to heaven.

Also pay attention to the mud road, when it is encountered, it should maintain a large power, and pass at a low speed in the middle and low gear. Pay attention to control the visual system, the rain is blocked every day, and the lights should be turned over. Do not open the "brake" by experience. Be careful when overtaking, and you cannot force overtaking. Never drive a car, and the steering wheel should be slowly carried out when cornering to prevent side slipping.

Also be sure to maintain a sufficient safety interval with the vehicle in front. Under normal conditions, there should be a two-second security interval with the vehicle in front (at the current speed, two seconds is required to reach the position of the former vehicle's position). However, in rainy days, due to various unlucky conditions such as blocked vision, the driver's response will be slower. Therefore, it should be kept at a safe interval of more than three seconds from the preceding vehicle. Keeping a safe interval allows the driver to have time to accept safe methods and avoid risks. Driving in rainy days, rainwater, water mist from the front of the car and other cities affect the field of vision, delaying the driver's judgment.

The final tip of the raincoat factory: In the bad weather such as rainy days, overtaking is very risky because of all kinds of factors that are unlucky in driving. It not only endangers my safety, but also jeopardizes the safe driving of other vehicles at high speed! In this case, Start slowly and slow down, life is important! The most important thing is to change the road through the hard lane!

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