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Raincoat jacket manufacturer
Aug 03, 2018

Rainy days, if we are walking, then we can do an umbrella, but it is impossible to protect the safety of riding a bicycle. Therefore, wearing a raincoat is more practical, let Lideng poncho manufacturers inform you how to buy a suitable raincoat.

Rainy days, if we are walking, then we can get an umbrella, but riding a bicycle to protect the umbrella is not safe, so wearing a raincoat is more practical, let Lideng poncho manufacturers to inform you, but then you can buy a suitable raincoat.

First, the fabric identification: If the recycled material, there will be odor, glue and cloth complex synergy, the rubber is white, will wrinkle and peel off when applied.

Second, work: If the equipment is outdated, the stitch length of the tailor is too large, the stitching height is not the same, the seal is not up to standard, and it is easy to seep.

Third, the design style: the first thought of the actual effect of rain and wearing comfort, followed by serious and generous.

Fourth, breathability: If it is rainproof, the cover is covered by the human body, the body's hot air can not be discharged, and the outside is hot inside, which constitutes stagnant water and lining the clothes lining inside the raincoat.

We wear raincoats to protect against rain. If we choose a poor quality raincoat, it is raining outside, and it is leaking inside, then the meaning of wearing raincoats is gone. In addition, when purchasing raincoats, Volkswagen should also choose the size. The person who wears the M in the usual clothes will buy the raincoat of the L number, and so on. The shielding will be better, even if the winter clothes are worn more. Can also be used.

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