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Raincoat manufacturers explain how to choose the right raincoat for me.
Aug 03, 2018

Umbrella raincoats are not unfamiliar, although they hate rainy days, but they can't avoid it. They immediately go to the rainy season. The heavy rain is very distressing. Staying at home all day is fine. If you go out, there is no car. However, I have to suffer from crimes. I may be riding on an electric car or walking on the road. Even if I wear an adult raincoat suit with an umbrella, it is very unsafe. It is not so good because of the rainy days, and the raincoat is too big. It is difficult to see the clear road at all, so why should we choose the raincoat that suits me? It is really simple, I am comfortable to wear, normal wearing does not affect my riding and walking.

Why choose the raincoat that suits me?

The director of the emergency department of Yanghu Second Hospital of Wujin District informed the reporter that there were reports that in order to protect the cold when riding a bicycle, a woman would wear the outerwear and cause a car accident. Indeed, the situation of such anti-wearing garments is very common. On a rainy day, wearing a heavy raincoat or a raincoat that doesn’t fit into the body can be as much a risk as riding a bicycle. In addition, the hem of the poncho is easily blown by the wind, can be brought by the nearby car, and the other will block the view. "Don't neglect small details. When you are really wrecked, these small details can be killed." So, can you not wear a raincoat to ride a bicycle in the rainy days? Of course not. Director Song and Director Chen thought that it is feasible to ride a raincoat, but pay special attention to the riding speed and traffic rules. In the rainy days, due to the small coefficient of friction of the wheel, the vehicle should be decelerated. It is also necessary to pay attention to the left and right cars, and do not ride the battery car to the motor vehicle lane in time. In addition, you can also spend a little time thinking about choosing a raincoat. You must definitely wear your body. Don't choose a hard and heavy raincoat or poncho. It is best to choose a split raincoat.

How to choose the right raincoat for us is related to our personal driving safety. Life is the most rare. Everyone’s life is only one time. Therefore, we have to take care of ourselves, choose a suitable raincoat or umbrella for our family. It is the most important thing, especially children. Many parents don’t buy special children’s raincoats for their children, and let them wear their big raincoats. This is the most irresponsible expression for children. For everyone’s personal safety, let Let's take it for ourselves, for the family, choose a raincoat that suits you.

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