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Raincoat set price
Aug 03, 2018

Raincoat suits are generally non-disposable, pvc or polyester fabric, EVA material, the price of different materials and styles will be different, but the difference is not big! Lideng raincoat factory raincoat set price is very affordable, has been carefully prepared products! Diverse styles, factory direct sales, beautiful colors, has always been favored by consumers, the price at the end of the year is more favorable! Welcome everyone to buy!

The Lideng Raincoat Factory has launched a series of fashionable and latest EVA raincoats with various styles and beautiful colors. There are backpack raincoats, pocket raincoats, electric ponchos, adult raincoats and children's raincoats. On the occasion of New Year's Day, thanks to new and old customers. Since the support, the company decided to give thanks, big sales, high prices, good value for money, factory direct sales

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