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Raincoats are not worn in raincoats only to serve the public.
Jul 10, 2018

Raincoats are not worn in raincoats only to serve the public.

In the past two days, a few photos of the aunt's rain-keeping bus stop were forwarded by many people on Weibo and WeChat, winning a piece of praise. In order to better serve the public, they do not wear raincoats on rainy days, just to enable everyone to find themselves faster and serve others.


At about 6 o'clock in the evening on the 16th, there was drizzle over Nanjing. Next to the bus stop on the Lushan Road in Hexi, the 66-year-old Nanjing Moral ModelShi Xingfeng propped up an umbrella. Together with her companions, they reminded passengers to pay attention to safety when getting on and off the bus. In a short while, the trouser legs were wet by the rain. After the opening ceremony at 8 o'clock, the rain was slightly smaller, and there were not many passengers on the platform. From 1 pm to the post, Shi Xingfeng, who has been standing for more than 7 hours, leaned against the railings along the river and looked to the Olympic Sports Center not far away.


I am the same age as the Republic. I have the opportunity to catch up with such a grand event at my doorstep, but I am lucky, so I heard that I recruited volunteers, I will sign up!Shi Xingfeng said that her daily duties are in the bus. Station safety patrol, on the opening day of the 16th, the flow of people around the Olympic Sports Center was large, and their task of guiding passengers and maintaining order was even heavier. Usually on duty until 7 o'clock in the evening, on the night, she and her companions will wait until the opening ceremony to leave the masses before most of the people leave to "get off work."


Why should she and her companions not wear raincoats for so long? Shi Xingfeng turned around, behind the yellow t-shirt she wore, the words "Peace Volunteer" were very eye-catching. "We are all wearing volunteer clothes and red armbands to facilitate the public to find us in time. If you put on a raincoat, the red armband will not be visible." She said with a smile.


At about 10:30 in the evening, when the opening ceremony was over, the crowds of the tide gradually dispersed, and Shi Xingfeng and her companions were ready to go home. The shoes on her feet were soaked, and when I stepped on it, I screamed. "Go back and wash and sleep, I will work early tomorrow, and I will come here to stand up at 7:00," she said.


Hu Yan, director of the Laoshan Community Residents Committee of Jianye District, said that the community is less than a kilometer from the Olympic Sports Center. 72 volunteers were recruited from party members and activists. From 7 am to 7 pm, 14 bus stops around the Olympic Sports Center. They patrol the two exits of Xinglong Street Station of Metro Line 2, and everyone is very dedicated.

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