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Rainy day travel tips
Aug 03, 2018

  What should I pay attention to when traveling in the rain? Today, Xiaobian will explain to you the different travel methods that need to pay attention to the small problems!

  First, pedestrian walk:

  1. Try not to walk on the motorway, and walk on the sidewalk;

  2. Heavy rain can cause the manhole cover to be opened and some road sections to collapse. Please pay attention to observation or look for a wooden stick to explore the road. If there is a possibility that there is no manhole cover in the case of water, it should be carefully bypassed.

  3, when thunderstorm lightning, do not call, answer the phone, it is best to shut down.

  4. Don't shelter from the tall, independent trees, at least 5 meters from the big trees. For sudden lightning, you should kneel immediately and your feet will be close together. Don't get close to all electrical facilities, such as high voltage wires, transformers, etc.

  Second, driving:

  1. Try to avoid road sections that are prone to water accumulation. If the road encounters deeper water accumulation sections, do not force them through.

  2, the core of driving in heavy rain is to control the speed of the car, one must drive into the water at a low speed, the second must be evenly over the water, and the third must stabilize the throttle, one gas through.

  3, the vehicle wading should be concerned before and after, the car can not be too close, in order to prevent the swell and the splash of water into the engine, resulting in flameout.

  4, in the event of heavy rain, do not risk driving, should choose a higher safety zone parking. Once the car enters deep water, you should immediately open the door and get off to prevent drowning.

  5. When you are thundering, close the doors and windows, and do not stick your head or hands out of the window.

  6. If the car accidentally enters the water and turns off the flame, it must not be started again, otherwise the engine will be “reimbursed” and the insurance company may not pay the claim.

   Third, cycling.

  1. Keep away from deep water at the overpass, away from the vehicle, do not walk through the car, and choose to move safely at a higher elevation.

  2, to be blocked by the raincoat and affect the hearing, pay attention to observe the road conditions. When the road is not good, it is best to walk.

  For the sake of others, it is also responsible for ourselves, let us turn "safe" travel into a habit!

  Some people may think that these are minor problems, there is nothing to pay attention to, be careful to make the ship of the year, the details cast a success!

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