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Really wearing a raincoat is also full of gas
Nov 02, 2018

Yuan Yawei's styling is as individual as her music. She put on a black sling dress and put on a transparent coat. Yuan Yawei's shape is really special. The transparent jacket and silver sequins make the jacket look less monotonous, and a belt also shows Yuan Yawei's waist. Yuan Yawei made me believe that someone really wears a "raincoat" and looks so good.

Yuan Yawei's styling is full of personality, but also very fashionable, her body is set to bring out her slender figure, and a pair of high-heeled shoes makes Yuan Yawei's wearing look more feminine. Really someone wearing a raincoat is also full of gas, see Yuan Yawei know.

Yuan Yawei's "raincoat" design is still very beautiful, although it is transparent, but there are silver sequins on the wrist and waist side, Yuan Yawei put the "raincoat" out of fashion, it is really amazing, she is not red, but it is a pity !

Let's take a look at Yuan Yawei's other collocations. She put on a blue shirt with blue wide-leg pants. The sleeves of the shirt are open and special. Yuan Yawei also wears a blue one. Baotou hat, her dress looks like a catwoman; Yuan Yawei really dare to try anything, this "cat women" ordinary people do not look good, Yuan Yawei is not ordinary!

Yuan Yawei put on a blue suit, because the suit is loose, Yuan Yawei put a coat on the waist, so the wearing of Yuan Yawei's bottom is like "disappearing", and even if the foot The flat shoes, Yuan Yawei still wears a "toothpick leg", with exquisite earrings and makeup, Yuan Yawei is simply stylish and individual! Do you like Yuan Yawei's body match?

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