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Reasons for choosing Lideng raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

Shenzhen Lideming Raincoat Co., Ltd. is a professional raincoat manufacturing enterprise with more than 500 employees. It has advanced raincoat manufacturing line equipment and excellent production technology. A number of national innovative patented raincoats have been independently developed. The company has won various provincial and municipal honors for many times. In 2009, it was approved by the Ministry of Commerce as “the key enterprise of emergency commodities of the People's Republic of China.” The products are sold well both at home and abroad, and are in a leading position in the rain gear industry in Asia.

     The company's main products are waterproof suits, motorcycle raincoats, bicycle raincoats, raincoats, waterproof raincoats, motorcycle umbrellas and sun umbrellas for the industry (sanitation, road, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture). The products sell well in 17 provinces (municipalities) and Southeast Asia, Europe and other markets. In recent years, the company's inflatable series of raincoat products have developed a lot of innovations and breakthroughs in modeling design, technical process, fabric packaging, etc., reaching the advanced level of the industry, and it is the first choice for consumers to pursue high-end and fashion.

  Lideng raincoat is committed to the production and innovation of China's rain gear industry, and is committed to building the first brand. Now we are cooperating with Alibaba and Taobao to develop network distributors! Let us stand up to the raincoat directly to cooperate with Taobao quality sellers, filter out all the wholesalers in the middle, all the links of the channel, directly face the most end consumer customers, and create a network distribution road!

[The reason for choosing Li Deming]

(1) Its own advantages

 20 years of research and development experience in raincoat production, advanced raincoat manufacturing line equipment, ranked among the top five in the same industry in the country; won more than ten patents, and was awarded as “Shenzhen Famous Trademark” “Key Enterprise of Emergency Commodity of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China” Contract keeping credit

(2) Good brand awareness

 Li Deming raincoat: good ventilation, high-grade fabric, comfortable, two years without degumming; the products sell well in 25 provinces (municipalities) and Southeast Asia, Europe.

(3) Perfect professional team

 Professional design team, keeping up with the trend of Europe and America, design 15 new designs for you every month; professional marketing team, the company continues to advertise on Baidu, Google, Alibaba and raincoat related industry portals.

(4) Zero risk and high gross profit

 Profit margins of 20%-60%: no agency fees, no inventory, one can be issued on behalf of.

  (5) Simple and convenient operation

 Product information and product images are provided by us.

(6) Perfect after-sales support

 Enjoy free training, and hold product training, communication skills training, and marketing promotion training from time to time; professional customer service team will solve problems such as compliance, return, refund, and disputes for distributors.

[Customer application conditions]

 1. Recognize the company's products and its long-term market space.

 2 One diamond and above.

 3 Full online time, the home page must showcase our products.

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