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Reflective labor protection raincoat types and standards
Aug 03, 2018

Reflective labor protection raincoat is a labor-saving raincoat that can be used to warn under various lighting conditions by using reflective materials and special dyeing process. It is usually composed of a color-sensitive base (fluorescent) material and a reflective (retroreflective) material. The reflective material utilizes a glass or prismatic material such that the incident light is directed back along the original path. Reflective protective raincoats made of glass beads, with a fluorescent base, are hundreds of times more visible than non-reflective materials. The effect of fluorescence plus reflection is extremely strong, so that the wearer can form a fierce contrast with the surrounding conditions, whether in the day or night, under the illumination of the light, so that the direction can be found in real time. Ordinary can be found within 800m visual interval, thus playing a role in security protection.

Standard for reflective protective raincoats:

The material of the reflective protective raincoat is specially treated after the special treatment. Under the action of light, it can be found in the 800-meter interval. The standard is the EN471 used in the world, and the reflection of the reflective raincoat. The area has been set with the corresponding grade standard to ensure the wearer's outdoor safety interval.

The reflective belt (fluorescent belt) of the reflective labor protection raincoat is now 3M, and its interval under night vision is more than 330M under the illumination of the light. It can be found early in a safe interval, and the reflective area of the reflective belt is set. The corresponding grade standard has been established, which is the most guaranteed safe labor raincoat for night workers.

The reflective safety labor raincoats produced by Li Deming are completely in accordance with the standards currently used internationally. Our own practice room can carry out strict standard tests on materials, including the quality effect of tailoring. This type of labor insurance raincoat is widely used in traffic police, traffic coordinators, sanitation workers, road construction workers and other occupational safety labor raincoats working outdoors, which has played an excellent protective role. Due to the increase in the amount and amount of reflective materials, the staff engaged in such work provided excellent security protection, which greatly reduced the occurrence of such unforeseen events. Reflective materials used in reflective labor protection raincoats can be clearly found in the weather, such as rain, fog, snow, night and other weather conditions, so that relief can be obtained. This type of labor insurance raincoat can be extended to the elderly and children. Those who are expeditions in the field can get real-time rescue in case of unforeseen circumstances.

       With the professional skills and comprehensive production experience of producing similar products for more than ten years, Li Deming has developed a variety of labor insurance raincoat products that are suitable for the domestic market. NEGU brand safety labor raincoats are used in various weathers and places. In case you have the right choice, Lideng's labor insurance raincoat products can completely provide you with safe and reliable protective equipment.

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