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Set of shoe covers will hurt feelings, do you agree?
Sep 03, 2018

"If you want to cover the shoe cover, you feel very happy." Some people say this. Relevant life survey agencies conducted an investigation on whether the shoe cover was hurting the feelings. Many citizens expressed their opinions through the hotline. Some interviewees believe that the overshoe cover makes people feel uncomfortable!

"If I go to a friend's house to be a guest, my friend actually lets me set the shoe cover to enter the door. I will definitely not go to his house again next time." Some people bluntly said that they are not used to this practice. He said that once I went to my sister's house, my sister actually asked him to wear a shoe cover, which made him feel very happy. It seemed to have a layer of separation in the feeling of being close to him. Mr. Liu said that if you visit some units or facilities that require high hygiene, it is understandable to put on your shoe covers. Some companies provide their own shoe covers when they provide on-site service, which reflects their respect for customers. However, if it is a friend's door-to-door visit, ask the guest to put on the shoe cover before entering the door. This program can still be exempted.

However, it is undeniable that in recent years, it has become a habit for many families to take off their shoes or sets of shoes. Therefore, some readers believe that it is not necessary to put "shoe sets" on the line. If you look at the custom of the country, you will enter the door. When the set does not cover the shoe cover, it is not so important.

What do you think of "whether the shoe cover hurts feelings?"

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