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Shoe cover shoe cover introduction
Sep 03, 2018

1 Introduction Cloth cover

The shoe cover shoe cover, also known as the shoe cover, is a frequently used dustproof protective device for facilitating the guests not to take off the shoes, and to achieve the sight is not infected, according to the material classification: non-woven shoe covers, CPE shoe covers, cloth shoe covers, Anti-static shoe cover, velvet shoe cover, rain shoe cover, non-slip shoe cover.

2 types

Cloth shoe cover

It consists of a non-slip sole with fine grain particles, and the quality is reliable. It can be worn several times and can be machine washed. Classic violet upper,

Cloth shoe cover

Cloth shoe cover

Elegant and elegant, it is made of pure cotton fabric. Can be supplied with a variety of shoe covers, and can be customized if there are extraordinary requests. You can add the upper embroidered, printed, professionally put on the company's LOGO. Cloth shoe covers can be machine washed and worn several times. Out of the box is not to cause scratches on the floor, wearing this cloth shoe cover, it is really free to drag you to the ground.

Non-slip shoe cover

The non-slip shoe cover is a new product. It uses all-natural rubber to add a new wear-resistant anti-slip material, which is designed with the effect of rain rubber shoes and - secondary plastic shoe covers. This type of shoe cover is more refined and convenient than rain rubber shoes. In the rain and snow weather, this kind of shoe cover is placed outside the shoes, and the policy of waterproofing, mud-proof and sheltering shoes can be achieved without changing shoes. It is not deformed, does not fall off, and does not slip outside the shoes. It is more durable than disposable plastic shoe covers. It can be accepted, degradable, and can be operated several times. The effect of disposable shoe covers on the scene can be worn indoors and outdoors. At the same time, it is easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to liquidate.

Many office workers wear high-quality leather shoes. Once the rain shoes are damaged, the quality will be affected, and sometimes they will be degummed. Also, it is very troublesome for passengers to touch the rain during the trip. Therefore, this kind of product has a broad and broad market prospect.

Elegant and easy to carry, it not only solves the problem that the traditional overshoes are not easy to carry, but also compensates for the problem that the disposable shoe covers are not wearable and not durable. It is when people travel in rainy days or when there is sudden rain in tourist attractions. The most useful shoe care products. For you and your family, from the danger of rain and bacteria, please take the rain shoe cover as soon as possible!

Anti-static shoe cover

The material is 5mm stripe or mesh anti-static fabric. The color of the fabric is white, blue, navy, pink and so on. The bottom of the shoe cover is made of green anti-static PVC material, which can be worn and can be non-slip. , anti-static and other effects, when wearing insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles, the shoe cover can be added with conductive wire, put the conductive wire into the wool thick socks and the human body in close contact when wearing, in order to achieve better anti-static end, Can be washed several times and then three operations. More economical and more suitable than a one-time shoe cover. Used in high clean and dust-free scenes, this product can be adapted to the dust-free scene of 10~10000 grade.



The anti-static shoe cover has better anti-static and dust-proof performance. The anti-static index reaches 10 to the power of 10 to 10, and the friction voltage can be controlled within 100 volts to prevent the static electricity of the human body from being sensitive to ESD sensitive devices. Breakage and prevent dust from escaping from the bottom of the shoe to the infected clean room.

Operation scale:

In the popular electronics industry, LCD manufacturing operations, pharmaceutical product manufacturing operations, semiconductor industry, magnetic head property, chip manufacturing operations, optics, wafers and other production areas for ESD and purification.

4 machinery

The fully active elastic band shoe cover machine is a special machine for producing disposable shoe covers. It can be used in PE-CPE materials. It only needs one person to dominate, from feeding to forming, counting and bringing together complete active control. The product is used in households, hospitals, research institutes or dust-free property.


Mechanical model: NK-PE01

Machine size: 2500*2000*1200mm (length, width, height)

Production: 50-70pcs/min

Product size: 39 cm long and 16 cm wide, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Voltage: single phase 200v

Power: 3.5kw

Mechanical component: 1100kg shoe cover machine features

1. High invariance, excellent performance and low failure rate.

2, the program computer control, photoelectric detection and disassembly, easy to dominate.

3. Adopt active tension control.

4, a machine is changeable, the mold can be replaced to produce a variety of shoe covers.

5. Electronic counting.

Mechanically important setting equipment placement

1. Adopting the strong aluminum alloy profile structure.

2, comes with a set of wearing parts and toolbox.

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