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Siamese raincoat
Aug 02, 2018

One-piece raincoat is a kind of raincoat. It belongs to the Department of Human Life, Personal or Household Goods Division, Large Clothing, Outerwear, Protective Clothing, Clothing Accessories, Small Jackets, according to the International Patent Classification Table (IPC). Raincoat group technology field.

One-piece raincoats generally consist of a large raincoat, a small raincoat, a continuous cloth, a zipper, a front zipper, and a back zipper.

The one-piece raincoat is a rain-proof garment made of waterproof fabric with a double-sided PVC coating. Waterproof fabrics for one-piece raincoats include tape, tarpaulin and plastic film. Modern raincoat waterproof fabrics focus on breathability, such as special nylon and Gore-Tex. Breathable one-piece raincoats help people to wear moisture from the raincoat when they are wearing rain, increasing comfort.

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