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Single mother homemade shoe covers, the new year to surprise the daughter!
Sep 03, 2018

She is very optimistic, even if she is eating a rough tea in a small room with a wind, she still feels happy with happiness; she is very diligent, she is busy and struggled for 18 hours after she goes to sleep for a day; she is very swaying, with both hands, A sewing machine propped up the day of the mother and daughter. In the spring, we planted vegetables in the yard. The front and back of the house were full, enough for us to eat, and the excess could sell some money. She moved three times in the past four years. "At first, I figured it cheap. The rented house was too bad. I moved. At this moment, the rent for this wing is 1000, which is the cheapest place here. She herself. To live, she wants her daughter to grow up. It is this decision that determines her confidence to make her self-reliant."

I will change the sewing machine next year, do more work, and give my daughter a better life.

Yan Aili relies on the processing shoe cover to support her and her daughter. The manual fee for a product is 7 points and 5, she can earn up to 30 yuan a day. The general situation is to make 400 shoe covers, get up from 4:00 in the morning to 10 in the evening. :00 Sleeping, except for eating, doing housework and giving care to the children, I love to work in front of the sewing machine. "If she is not busy, she will help me with my work. I am more capable than my classmates."

The door of the wing room is really two wooden boards. The sewing machine is facing the door. This is the tool for her family to feed her. She sits in front of the sewing machine for more than ten hours every day. The room is very small, there are a few large bags for the cloth cover and the rubber band, but there is no excess space. The "kitchen" of Ai Lili is a small corner of a square meter, and the rice cooker is placed on the ground. The room is backlit, and the windows are sealed with several layers of plastic. Even in the daytime, the room is very dark. "The night lights are not bright, but I am used to it. Sometimes I am too tired. I close my eyes and squat my head. The individual will not get the hand, that is, I have a lumbar disc in front of me, always sitting with a backache. "One time I want to make dumplings for my children, there is no meat at home, we use the fillings made of vermicelli, shrimp and eggs, we also eat Full of food, occasionally I will buy some chicken bones to make soup for her, let her supplement nutrition. In the new year, her wish is to rely on my diligence and effort to change a new sewing machine, to work hard and give her daughter a better life.

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