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Super shoe cover
Sep 03, 2018

Lideng shoe cover and cloth shoe cover have overcome the "one-time plastic shoe cover" to the scene, so I have my own preparation, but also reached the guidelines.

The shoe cover has one advantage over the one-time plastic shoe cover: it can be operated several times, but it can be reused after being dried and dried. It is longer than the interval. How to solve it? Buy a few more rounds of operation. But it is cumbersome and not convenient!

The place where it operates is the most common for the real estate "model house", and I rarely see it for family use.

Access to materials: cloth shoe covers are divided into bottomless shoe covers and bottomed non-slip shoe covers.


The fact that the cloth shoe cover is an upgrade to the material of a plastic shoe cover, they have shortcomings in the shortcomings: when they are separated, they must be sponsored by hand, or not convenient, but not complete!

On the non-slip, Shun Kun stepped on the soles of the shoes and built them with a spinning carpet. It is not only non-slip, but it is like stepping on the beach and relaxing our feet. Material image below:


To sum up: stepping on the shoes not only overcomes the cumbersome washing and unsatisfactory when the shoe covers are operated, but also uses the materials of the advanced ancestors in the anti-skid. Cost-effective, in the long run (less than 2 years of stepping on shoes) is relatively cheap.

It’s not that “Wang Po sells melons, sells and boasts”. Where is the truth: “Shun Kun stepping on the shoes” is easy to use! Be more complete than the shoe cover!

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