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Talk about my beloved black raincoat, every time I take it back, I shed tears and carefully fold it up.
Nov 02, 2018

If you are a nostalgic person, you may like to be in love with things. If you are a former soldier, you may be in tears when you remember the road to the army! There are too many things to shed tears. There may be premature death of comrades-in-arms. There may be broken families. When you are alone and standing in the same place, such helplessness may cause people to shed tears. When I was nostalgic, I picked up the black raincoat that passed through and told it to tell me the scenery and the sorrow of the fallen leaves.

Talk about my beloved black raincoat, I can't remember the date you came, the breath of the camphor ball, but always lingering in my nose. I forgot myself, but I have not forgotten you. You helped me to wrap me in the cold rainy night. I stood in the wind and didn't know the date. I want to remember your pity for me, because you are my beloved black raincoat.

The rain is the sky is crying, I know that you also have tears in your heart, standing on the post and I am wearing you, there is a fish belly in the sky, and the fare of the barracks in the distance is faint.

You are my beloved black raincoat, the memory of my life forever, the B section of the A section of the military camp is repeated in the narrative, who can not add a prelude after the chorus.

In fact, I really want to write a prose poem like Dong Yufang. The children who are not crying all day are making trouble eating biscuits, but I suddenly remembered that it was not early, I had to buy breakfast for my family.

Therefore, I remembered my black raincoat, and after I burst into tears, I carefully folded it again and hurry to buy breakfast.

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