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Ten advantages of cloth shoe covers
Sep 03, 2018

1. The shoe cover shoe cover can replace the disposable plastic shoe cover, which greatly reduces white pollution.

2. The shoe cover saves resources and has low cost. It is a three-in-one shoe cover for cotton slippers, plastic slippers and disposable shoe covers.

3, cloth shoes cover is sanitary and healthy, can avoid wearing other people's slippers to prevent cross-infection of foot disease. At the same time, to avoid the guests to expose their feet, socks, odor in front of the owner, the two sides are very embarrassing situation. It is a product that loves health and civilized people long-awaited.

4, the cloth shoe cover is easy to wear, with one hand can quickly put the shoe cover on the foot, bringing great convenience to the elderly and children.

5, the shoe cover is easy to clean, ash, sand and water in the shoe cover can be cleaned in 1-2 seconds. Cleaning and disinfecting are as convenient as ordinary shoes.

6, cloth shoes to reduce household consumption, will be cotton slippers, plastic slippers, disposable shoe covers three-in-one cheap shoe covers. It is the first choice for consumers who are good at managing money.

7, cloth shoes cover for a wide range of different shoes and different foot shape can be worn, and comfortable to wear, walking freely. (is the gospel of a special foot shape)

8, cloth shoes cover long life, comfortable feet, can be worn all year round, repeated wear. Health care, winter is not frozen feet, summer is not awkward. For the benefit of the humiliating weight of the feet.

9. The cloth shoe cover saves the space occupied by the family, and can be used for both the host and the guest, and can also prevent the loss of shoes. Avoid the owner's cotton slippers, sandals and slippers, and disposable shoe covers for the guests. Bringing faster and more convenient life to fast-paced life.

10, cloth shoes can also be worn as ordinary shoes.

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