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The 8th old man advocates a low-carbon life and teaches children to use old cloth to make shoe covers.
Sep 03, 2018

On the morning of the 28th, the Chongqing Women's Federation and the Management Committee of the Party Working Committee of the Northern New Area opened a “living in Chongqing's low-carbon family fashion life” in the community of the Goodwill Road. The horticultural common sense into the community and the pro-good road community low-carbon life family demonstrations Hundreds of community residents have intervened in the community's low-carbon activities.

   The community activities are very rich, with horticultural lectures, old things refreshing, low-carbon common sense competition, and family bonsai selection. Zhang Li, the deputy principal of the gardening and gardening industry in Chongqing, and the horticultural expert Zhang Li were teaching the gardening common sense for the community residents. The green environmental protection was forced to share the green and environmental protection for his family and life.

    The citizens also moved to the potted plants planted by the family, and the community won the award. In the revelation of the old things, the 80-year-old Liao Xingsu grandmother enthusiastically taught the children how to use the old cloth to sew the colorful shoe covers. The community residents also performed the construction of environmental protection bags with old burdocks and the construction of decorations with waste materials. Wait. The community also organized small partners to open up low-carbon common sense training and rushing to compete.

    Which animals are suitable for growing at home? Which animals are harmful to health at home? Gardening expert Zhang Li is a support for community residents. She said that peppermint has bactericidal dyeing; rose can receive carbon dioxide; hibiscus has dust-absorbing and dyeing; silver carp, spider plant, aloe vera and chloris can receive formaldehyde, and these animals can be planted with peace of mind.

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