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The characteristics and functions of reflective raincoats?
Aug 02, 2018

     The reflective raincoat is a safety sign made of a strong reflective material on the basis of the structure of the upper and lower body and the shoulder symmetry or other parts without changing the structure of the existing raincoat. Therefore, the raincoat can generate a kind of dazzling reflection light through the illumination of street lamps or lights and natural light to remind the front and rear vehicles to be alert and achieve safety. In the case of poor rain and rain, the reflective raincoat serves as a traffic safety protective suit.

     Reflective raincoats can be divided into: one-piece reflective raincoats, split reflective raincoats, reflective raincoats, reflective rain pants, and so on.

     Because the reflective raincoat adopts the structure of reflecting strips on the outer surface of the raincoat, when riding in the rainy night, the lights of the cars coming in all directions are illuminated on the reflective strips, reflecting the striking light, promptly reminding the driver of the car to avoid traffic. The accident happened. Therefore, the reflective raincoat has the characteristics of high safety factor, convenient and practical, good waterproof effect, comfortable and dry 

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