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The farmer developed a new type of rain gear, occupying the half-walled mountain river in the world market.
Aug 03, 2018

The Nanshan Township Farmers in Yushan County, who lived under the Sanqing Mountain, borrowed the party's policy of enriching the people and created a new world. More than half of the high-altitude plank roads in the world are made by Nanshan farmers. In Yiwu, the world's small commodity capital, Nanshan farmers account for more than half of the enterprises engaged in the production and sale of the luggage industry. Now Nanshan four farmers led their team and developed a new type of rain gear, which is the first to occupy the half of the world, and also indirectly into the Western International Market.

Open a hotel to find business opportunities

Set up a rainproof shoe cover workshop

Huang Hui is a villager in the port village of Nanshan Township. In 2005, he opened a hotel called “Hometown” in Zhangling Village, Zihu Town, at the foot of Sanqing Mountain. The sale was very prosperous and it was one of the top ten stars in the county. At the time, in the process of operating the restaurant, when the tenants who came to Sanqingshan Tourism went down the mountain, the shoes and pants were wet, and they often borrowed a hair dryer from his hotel. Huang Hui discovered business opportunities and felt that there were raincoats and umbrellas for tourists, but there was no rain shoe cover, so he had the motivation to produce rain-proof shoe covers. In 2011, Huang Hui leased the factory in the Economic Development Zone of Yushan County and began to produce rain-proof shoe covers. The design and research and development of the products were all completed by my team.

This kind of rainproof shoe cover can be folded and placed in the tour bag, which is convenient for customers to carry. It can prevent the shoes from being wet by rain when it is raining outdoors. At the same time, the color and style of the product are very much more fashionable than traditional rain boots. Huang Hui's rain-proof shoe covers have claimed more than a dozen national patents, and also won the Shangrao City Science Skills Award. The products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries. In 2011, it produced 500,000 pairs a year, and now it produces 4 million pairs per year.

At present, Huang Hui has built a new factory in the Economic Development Zone of Yushan County, covering an area of 30 acres and an area of over 10,000 square meters. There are more than 300 workers in the workshop, with an annual output value of more than 40 million yuan. There are more than a dozen manufacturers of new rain-proof shoes in the world. At present, he is the largest manufacturer in the world, and the entire product has a domestic market share of about 50%.

Farm owner has potential

Transformation investment rain gear industry

Huang Wen is the brother of Huang Hui. He used to open a farm on the Sanqing Mountain. Affected by his younger brother, he also began to transform into the rain gear industry. Huang Wen informed reporters that if a customer bought a rain-proof shoe cover, he would definitely buy raincoats, umbrellas, and the like. Then he and his younger brother collaborated to make a property chain and set up a workshop to make raincoats.

In May 2017, Huang Wen founded Jiangxi Outstanding Outdoor Finished Products Co., Ltd., specializing in EVA raincoats. This kind of material made raincoat, light, soft, no smell, no methanol, very environmentally friendly, far stronger than traditional PVC material. His "three-in-one" raincoat, hiking, cycling, battery car, and different scenes can be worn differently.

Huang Wen proudly informed the reporter that in Hengdian Film and Television City, if you see the raincoat with the words "covering the wind and rain for you", it must have been produced in his factory. Due to the good quality of the products and the ingenious printing, Hengdian Studios placed all the orders in the factory all year round. A listed company in Jiangsu that produced Pulandan medicine ordered nearly 140,000 sets of raincoats from him. Huang Wen's workshop has more than 100 workers, and the products are exported to the national watch. In 2017, the annual output value was more than 20 million yuan, and it was included in the regulation.

Give up high salaries in Shenzhen

Go home to do rain boots

Wang Hua, 36, is a resident of Dage Village in Nanshan Township. He has been a director of sales and procurement for ten years in listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen. In 2014, he returned to Yushan and founded Yushan Meisi Tourist Products Co., Ltd., and started rain boots and raincoats.

Wang Hua informed the reporter that he was looking for a partial industry, and the industry did not compete much in the market, but its potential would be very large, he would think of the rain shoe cover industry. He made a market observation, and there are fewer than five manufacturers of high-grade rain-proof shoe covers in the world. He thinks that so few people do it, and there are so many people in China. With the improvement of survival, people who go out to travel There will be a lot, so the potential of this industry must be good. In 2014, he returned to Yushan to establish “Yushan Meisi Tourist Products Co., Ltd.”, which is used as a rain shoe cover and an EVA raincoat.

Wang Hua informed the reporter that he targeted the products of the products to the middle and high-end crowds. Therefore, the customers of the high-end Tmall stores in Shanghai, Nanjing, Yiwu and Shenzhen went to Yushan on the first stop, because of the Yushan. The manufacturers of rain-proof shoe covers are all high-end. After the first batch of EVA raincoats were produced, Wang Hua’s customers at Tmall and Taobao immediately sold the products. At present, his products are exported to China's first and second line cities and South Korea, Russia, the United States, Chile, Peru and other countries. In 2016, his output value was 9.98 million yuan, and the output value in 2017 was added to more than 20 million yuan.

College students

Established production of EVA raincoat

Nanshan Township Youth Guo Zhidong, after the completion of the university, opened a tour club, and the sale was booming. In 2014, he also set up a workshop in the Economic Development Zone to produce EVA raincoats. Guo Zhidong informed the reporter that the raincoat he produced can also be regarded as a kind of casual clothes, and then slowly developed to be waterproof, warm and protective. The reflective strip on the raincoat has a very good reflective effect. It is safe for customers to wear it in a climate-stable condition.

Guo Zhidong currently has a branch in Huaiyu Township, Yushan County. He plans to set up a branch in each state of Yushan. He hopes that I will go out to travel later, go to every place in the world, and see the bright raincoat of Yushan, which is the most proud of life.

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