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The practice of cloth shoe covers, how to make shoe covers?
Sep 03, 2018

In our general life, because our city operates shoe covers in order not to soil our floor, the price of disposable shoe covers is not only expensive, but also very environmentally friendly. If there is a consistent operation of disposable shoe covers, there will be excessive The inconvenience, but in the winter to take off the shoes have trouble, how should we solve this problem? The groundhog decorative net Xiaobian here for the master to introduce how to cheap shoe covers, shoe covers, I hope Can help the master solve the problem of the shoe cover.

How to make a shoe cover

The shoe covers that we buy in supermarkets often flash too big or too small problems. In the course of operation, it often flashes very difficult work, and sometimes the quality of shoe covers bought is very poor, often just put on for a while. Broken, it is very easy to flash the occasion of the difficult situation, so our cheap shoe cover is a very good choice, can help us do a good job at home.

Our cheap shoe covers don't need to spend a lot of money and a lot of money. If there is a surplus of cloth in the house, the color may be more abundant. The shoe covers may be more common. The elegant flower cloth is women's, plain. The flower cloth is made of men's, the women's type can be made slightly smaller, the men's type can be made slightly larger, if the main need to buy a little rubber band for sewing. The style of the shoe cover is to cut off the rubber band part of the disposable plastic shoe cover bought in the supermarket, which will create a rectangular shape, which can be cut according to the rectangular shape of the person, but the part of the rubber band that is cut off is released. A person with a little bit of sewing skills should be able to do it himself, and finally wear the rubber band out, just fine.

If so cheap shoe covers? The shoe covers I built are important because they are economical, environmentally friendly and can be operated several times. If the home is a wooden floor, it can also be used as a dip in the sheltered floor. It is a bit of trouble after a period of time. However, it is still a great advantage to fight with disposable shoe covers.

Summary: The master appreciates how to sell shoe covers in the future, the master may wish to quickly build a shoe cover, operate the disposable shoe cover as little as possible, not only save money, but also help us to do a good job in environmental protection.

How to make a shoe cover

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