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The quality of disposable waterproof raincoats is good or bad.
Aug 03, 2018

When purchasing disposable waterproof raincoats, many people choose high-quality disposable waterproof raincoats, high-quality disposable waterproof raincoats with high quality and good knowledge: fabric identification, workmanship, design style, and breathability.

First, the fabric identification: If the recycled material, there will be odor, glue and cloth complex cooperation is poor, the rubber is white, the application will wrinkle, zero, work: If the equipment is outdated, the tailoring stitch is too large, the stitching is high and low As a result, the seal fails, and it is easy to seep.

Second, the design style: mainly consider the actual results of rain protection and wearing comfort, followed by the elegant and generous

 4. Breathability: If it is rainproof, the cover will cover the human body, the body's hot air will not be discharged, and the outside will be hot inside, which will form stagnant water, and the clothing lining in the disposable waterproof raincoat.

By material composition

Oil-filled disposable waterproof raincoat: Sewn with tarpaulin (coating of tung oil or eucalyptus oil on the outside of the fabric). China's Eastern Han Dynasty created tarpaulin, and the dynasty has used tarpaulin disposable waterproof raincoat, which has been used until the 20th century. The tarpaulin disposable waterproof raincoat was gradually selected due to defects such as roughness, hardness, and resistance to folding. Tape disposable waterproof raincoat: Sewn or bonded with tape (rubber coated with rubber). The disposable waterproof raincoat of the tape has good elasticity, insulation and folding resistance, and is generally used as a labor protection product for windproof and rainproof.

Plastic film disposable waterproof raincoat: bonded with a plastic film (polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene). These disposable waterproof raincoats are easy to manufacture, light and soft, with a wide variety of patterns and low prices, so they have been used since the 20th century. In the meantime, a cloak-type disposable waterproof raincoat (called poncho) designed for cyclists is widely used because of its fair design and ease of use.

Rainproof cloth disposable waterproof raincoat: Sewn with a tarpaulin that is water-repellent or oil-repellent. The oil-repellent cloth is water-repellent and has excellent breathability. It is suitable for advanced disposable waterproof raincoats. There are many types of rainproof cloth, such as rainproof cotton khaki, rainproof polyester cotton poplin, rainproof polyester silk and so on. Rainproof cloth disposable waterproof raincoats are often made into popular coat styles. One coat is more suitable, and it should be worn on sunny and rainy days.

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