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The rain factory warned to drive carefully on rainy days
May 18, 2018

Thunderstorm in summer, wet every pursuit of the heart, the tide people in this lingering rainy season in a gorgeous dress? In March 2013, Shenzhen Li de Ming Yu Yi Factory with raincoat interpretation of Bopufeng, dazzling Shenzhen raincoats became popular. Since entering March, it has been in rainy weather, and the wholesale of raincoats in the Shenzhen Umbrella Market has also become prosperous. The rain clothing factory especially reminds the friends who go out on rainy days, what should the rainy day drive notice? Driving on rainy days should be based on prevention. We must be vigilant and careful. We must pay special attention to the following points:

 Raincoat style.jpg

The first is the children who take shelter on the roadside. Children are generally more courageous than the sky, especially the children of the city are mainly active. When rainy days, like to run around, do not know the rules of the road or so, so must pay attention to the line.
Second, pay attention to the bikers wearing raincoats: on rainy days, these people generally wrap themselves in raincoats, only show their faces, and their ears are covered by raincoats. The sight and hearing will be somewhat affected. Can not pay attention to the traffic situation of the left, right, and rear three parties, and can not find and avoid vehicles in time.
Also pay attention to an umbrella in one hand and a cyclist in one hand: They have poor stability in the direction of cycling. When they meet a moving vehicle, they will panic, wander around, and walk on the road S-shaped, almost kill themselves.


Also pay attention to the mud road, when encountered, it should maintain a greater power, with the middle and low gear speed pass. Pay attention to the control of the visual system, the dark sight of the rain is blocked, should turn on the headlights, do not rely on experience to open "blind car." Be careful if you overdrive, you can't overdo it by force. Do not drive a fierce car, turn the steering wheel should be slowly to prevent the occurrence of side-sliding phenomenon.

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