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The raincoat is not waterproof, so how to ensure the good waterproofness of the raincoat
Aug 17, 2018

The products of the raincoat manufacturers believe that the public will not be unfamiliar. It is a rain-proof product that we often use in our survival, but it does not prevent rain in the long-term application process. What is the reason?

The raincoat loses its function without rain, which can be due to its inherent quality. In the production process, it uses a white wax emulsion containing aluminum salt, which is spread on the fiber of the cotton cloth. And this white wax is compatible with the water, so it has a waterproof effect. But if you use a poor quality product, then it will have a waterproof effect. Of course, there are also aging that can be caused by long-term use.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the purchase of quality and quality products when using it. At the same time, we should pay attention to the maintenance of it when it is used. After all, he also has a limited application period, and should be replaced after aging.

Since the rainproof raincoat is important on the ordinary rubber surface of the rubber layer, the raincoat should also pay special attention to not destroy the waterproof layer of the cloth when it is stored, so that it is unnecessary to say that the sharp object scratches the raincoat. The matter is that special attention is paid to the needs of the raincoat manufacturers for your brief introduction.

    First, after the raincoat is washed, it should be avoided to be dried in the sun to avoid aging of the rubber. Rubber is a kind of polymer material, and it has many atomic groups and unsaturated chemical bonds, which are easy to interact with various components in the air, such as The oxygen attack is resounding, and the response is not reversible. Second, when the raincoat is stored, it should not be placed together with objects with tools such as grease, so that these materials do not contaminate the raincoat, and the fabric of the raincoat is dirty. Hard to wash.

    Therefore, the raincoat manufacturer suggests that the vast consumers must make maintenance and maintenance of the raincoat in the application process, so that they can have excellent waterproofness.

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