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The role and type of disposable shoe covers
Sep 03, 2018

Just renovated the house, friends and family came, change shoes or not? Change, private slippers become public slippers, do not change, friends have to work hard after leaving. To this end, disposable plastic shoe covers have entered the ordinary urban family, especially high-end apartments and luxury homes, but also have plastic shoe covers. There was a problem with the house. The decorators came to the door and automatically put on the plastic shoe covers, which made people feel very attentive and very warm.

Plastic shoe covers were originally used in laboratories, automobile showrooms, hospitals, computer rooms, hotels, dust-free factories, etc. With the improvement of people's quality of life, plastic shoe covers have gradually entered our lives with their convenience, hygiene, cleanliness and practicality. . At home, there are disposable plastic shoe covers, which are low in cost and very convenient. To meet the needs of different environments, manufacturers have also introduced anti-slip plastic shoe covers suitable for rain and snow.

At present, the north and the south are in a rainy summer, which is the season when plastic shoe covers are popular, and it is also the time when entrepreneurs are more likely to open the market. In recent years, the use of home is getting bigger and bigger. Some families even use the automatic shoe cover machine to gently step into the shoe cover machine. A shoe cover is automatically placed on the foot, completely solving the problem and inconvenience of changing shoes. .

The disposable shoe covers are basically plastic shoe covers, and the raw materials are PVC, PE, non-woven fabric, and the like. Since the plastic shoe cover does not directly contact our body and food, we generally do not have to be strict with the material requirements, as long as it meets your requirements.

Disposable shoe covers can provide a variety of shoe cover styles. Nowadays, office workers basically wear high-grade leather shoes. Once the rain shoes are damaged, the quality will be affected, and sometimes the glue will be deformed. Also, tourists will encounter during the trip. It is also very troublesome to rain. Therefore, this product has broad market prospects. If you have special requirements, you can also customize it. You can add embroidered uppers, prints, and professionally to your company's LOGO.

The non-slip shoe cover is a new product. It is not deformed, does not fall off, and does not slip outside the shoes. It uses all-natural rubber to add a new wear-resistant anti-slip material, combined with the function of rain rubber shoes and - secondary plastic shoe covers. This shoe cover is lighter and more convenient than rain rubber shoes. In the rain and snow weather, this shoe cover is placed outside the shoes, and it is possible to achieve waterproof, mud-proof and shoe-protecting without changing shoes. It is more durable than disposable plastic shoe covers, recyclable, degradable and reusable. It replaces the environmental impact of disposable shoe covers and can be worn indoors and outdoors. At the same time, it is easy to carry, easy to clean and easy to clean up.

Beautiful and fashionable, it is easy to carry. It not only solves the problem of traditional overshoes, but also makes it easy to carry. It also makes up for the defects that disposable shoe covers are not wearable and not durable. It is the most effective when people travel in rainy days or when they encounter rainfall at tourist attractions. Footwear supplies. For you and your family, from rain and bacteria, please buy a rain shoe cover as soon as possible!

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