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The role of reflective clothing raincoat
Aug 02, 2018

Reflective clothing can also be called reflective vests, reflective clothing. Reflective clothing styles and more varieties of full text have police, traffic, road administration, co-management, security and so on. 1. Classification According to the style of reflective clothing, it is divided into: reflective vest, reflective T-shirt (POLO), reflective jacket, reflective pants and so on. According to the use of reflective clothing, it is divided into: reflective raincoat, sanitation worker reflective clothing, reflective riding suit...

  Reflective raincoat refers to the sewing of one or several reflective strips on the basis of ordinary raincoats to provide raincoats that are both rainproof and reflective. Fashion raincoats refer to ordinary raincoats, nothing more than colors or styles that look a little better. Or directly a one-time transparent raincoat.

  The method of making reflective raincoats is different from ordinary clothes, but there are also places to figure out. The outer layer is made of high-density, non-absorbent fabric, and the inner layer is coated with PU or PVC to prevent rain. Then the place where the seams are stitched is also required to be glued and waterproofed. Then there is the reflective belt on the outer layer. The choices are varied, there are good and bad, there are domestic and imported, and one or two sentences can’t be said.

  Raincoats with reflective strips or clothes, vests, etc., are used more and more widely, whether they are riders, traffic police, sanitation workers, couriers, etc., because of the clothing with reflective strips, in the dark, in the rain, In smoggy weather, increase its visibility to alert you to avoid accidental car accidents caused by poor visibility.

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