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The role of reflective raincoat and maintenance washing, instructions for use
Aug 03, 2018

The reflective raincoats we have seen are mainly used in transportation, sanitation, high-speed, road administration, shipbuilding, construction and other industrial scenes. It is made up of a base material and a reflective material. The reflective material is usually disposed in the main part of the dressing by sewing, hot stamping, etc., and is used for personal safety protection at night or in bad weather.

       In fact, reflective raincoats have been used in a variety of outdoor operations, not just traffic sanitation.

       This reflective material is made by using the high refractive index glass bead refraction principle and advanced processing by focusing after focusing. It reflects far-reaching light back into the glow, providing excellent retroreflective optics for day or night. Especially at night, you can carry forward the high visibility as if it were during the day. Reflective garments made from this high-visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers regardless of whether the wearer is far away or in the presence of light or scattered light.

     Reflective raincoat composition: base fluorescent yellow, silver-gray reflective tape, high reflective intensity, good security.

     Uses: suitable for night work or command traffic staff wearing; emergency relief command site; safe production site; emergency relief site

     Features: Reflective raincoat shape is neat and elegant, materials are exquisite, and precision is manufactured. It is comfortable to wear and has a complete range of specifications.

     Practical Scenario: Grade 2 fluorescent suits are used for outdoor work and dark work in any climate and lighting conditions.

     Reflective raincoat rinse / maintenance clarification:

     The maximum flushing temperature of Lideming Reflective Raincoat is 40°C (see the clothes label for the maximum number of flushing rules), reduce the machine operation, gradually lower the cooling temperature (cooling), and reduce the spin-drying. Chlorine bleach is prohibited. The maximum temperature of the underside of the iron is 110 ° C, and steam ironing may cause damage to the clothes. Dry cleaning is prohibited, and decontamination with solvents is prohibited. Do not turn the drum to dry. Do not use strong alkaline detergents, solvents or emulsions, or bleach.

     Storage Description: Store in original packaging, protected from light and moisture.

     Function: Lideming reflective raincoat meets the requirements of GB20653, safe and harmless, comfortable to wear, waterproof and breathable, good flexibility, reflective grade 2.

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