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Tourists are praised by Haiximei Attractions
Nov 02, 2018

Global tourism, panoramic Haixi, Haixi tourism how to achieve better and faster high-quality development, tourism people have their own tricks.

"Emerald Lake: The world does not meet you, life is not gratifying. Successfully hit the card red landmark Emerald Lake, secretly tell you in the depths of Qinghai Dachaidan." Weibo blogger "my name is Muyu" wrote, she suggested, in While promoting the tourist attractions to the public, we should promote environmental protection; Water Yadan builds a high-rise sightseeing tower on the basis of foundation construction, and appreciates its beauty from all aspects.

“The road to Dulan Ranch is not good, and the scenic spot cannot bring economic effects.” Since the media person “Fengzi-Uncle” suggested building special features and staying in the scenic spot; Haizi Memorial Hall has only simple poetry collection, tourists can not purchase derivative texts. Create a product to be remembered.

Tourists on the "just on the road" suggest that you can launch winter starry sky photography, starry sky exploration, winter Gobi and other activities, develop the theme of classic self-driving tour, identify the road signs, improve the mobile phone signal along the way, set the garbage bin to protect the environment.

Since the media person "VICKY Qin" suggested that Wulan Jinhai can be used as a supporting facility for sandy land (sand motorbike, etc.); Dachaidan Emerald Lake should absorb the experience and lessons of Chaka Salt Lake, and avoid the pollution of shoe covers in the scenic spot. Stepping on pollution; Yadan on the water should set up the observation deck.

“The big loop line enhances the popularity of Haixi, and the small loop line is well planned. Different points should be made to retain tourists.” The advantage of Emerald Lake is that there are aerial photographers that can see more beautiful scenery. The lake area can be diverted instead of Focus on one point.

Weibo blogger "Damei Aila" wrote on Weibo that on the first day of Haixi, on a lake called the Golden Sea, many unexpected encounters happened so beautifully. She suggested setting up a brand that attracts tourists, setting up multi-directional car rental, RV or roadster, building monitoring station maintenance points along the way, etc., and can return the car at any time. Visitors can transfer to Delingha to continue car rental. It is also possible to develop a quest line.

Weibo blogger "small gray ash wearing sandals" said that Haixi can launch a network red punch card point, the parking spot becomes a punch card point, and a certain point in the scenic spot is the most beautiful punching point in the scenic spot; it is necessary to do a map of the scenic spot; Set a safe photo point on the 315 National Road or mark the front of the road with tourists and set the speed bump; take a 720-degree panoramic view of the scenic spot, visitors can see the panorama.

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