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trange Admission Notice Water Cup Shoe Covers are Both Parents and Schools
Sep 03, 2018

Lide Mingbu shoe cover September 11th, when attending elementary school abroad, there are only a few words in the admission, "Please don't bring anything to the students"; after returning to the country, go to elementary school, tell 750 words for admission, and take the game with Go, mug, Notepads, shoe covers, facial tissues, wipes, teaching aids... The "significant" differences have caused the returnees to entangle, not to understand, but to hang on -

"The school has a chess class, 60 pieces (regular Go, no Gobang), boys black, girls white; prepare two pairs of shoe covers (to the stationery store to buy cloth instead of one-off), to the computer room, The piano room is operated in class, and it is washed once a week..." The son returned to China to attend the second grade of elementary school. Jiang Li received the enrollment from the school, 11 articles, 750 words. A year ago, when my son was in the first year of college in the United States, he was told that there were only a few words: please don’t bring anything. Compared with the two diagonal forces, she was sentimental on WeChat and her partner. “Chinese-style admission” is a bit crazy. Admission is too complicated? The house is still touching, the content is not enough!

Parents are crazy:

750 words enrollment is too cumbersome

Jiang Li is in the early 30s and is a faculty member of a university in the city. A year ago, she went to the United States for training. At that time, her son was small and could only take the United States to live all the way and read the first grade at a local primary school.

After studying the anecdote, before returning to China, she went through a process of family support and contacted a primary school in the city to let her son go to the second grade. The family sent the school’s enrollment to her via e-mail. Open it, 11 pieces, the number of words is displayed, 750 words.

The first, second, and third articles are the time of class and the flag-raising ceremony. Articles 9, 10, and 11 are parking items such as parking when picking up children. The rest of the content is all the tools to prepare for admission: textbooks are self-selected. The book is bounded by white paper and stapler binding. The book is affixed with a piece of paper to write the name class. Every day, 6 to 8 2H or HB pencils are cut, one end is cut, and the other end is marked with signs. Two large slabs and a number of slabs of the same size as the Tianzi grid, write the name; build a set of teaching aids for fruits and animals, moderately large, 20 sets each; the cups for the children should be moderately sized, cleaned on time...

When my son goes to school, parents have to prepare so many tools? And many of the tips and requests are so detailed that Jiang Lizhen laughs, she and her partner prank, "frightening!"

At this time, Jiang Li remembered her son’s life in the United States for one year. The headmaster of the school sent an e-mail to tell her and other parents: "Please ask the students not to bring anything." When she was in the meeting, she saw two large boxes in each small partner's desk, with stationery, hand tools and teaching aids. The instructor prepares the child's homework folder, and attaches the focus of each semester to the work clip. The student's schoolbag is too heavy. The teacher divides the weekly work into a booklet.

Jiang Li was sentimental: "In that year, it was really happy to be a parent." In the partner circle of WeChat, she put two enrollment instructions on the way, spit it out, and attracted many parents to push it.

Tucao was thrown into the trough, she still used the two places to engrave, obey the request, and purchase one by one.

There is something in the house:

Sharing responsibility is not a difficult parent

Why is admission so complicated? With the sentiment of the returning mother, the reporter went to the elementary school where Jiang Li’s son was studying.

The principal, Wang, has been teaching for more than 20 years. In her memory, the early admission to the school was not so complicated. However, she bluntly said that the subsequent schooling may be more detailed.

"The children of this generation of elementary school are very extraordinary. Their parents are mostly after 80. These parents are the only children who are the only children. They are still like a child. Needless to say, they should teach their children, and even the ability to help them can be considered. ”

President Wang admitted that after the 80s, parents need a "admission guide" with no details. For example, when preparing a cup for a child, when the old school was taken, the cups bought by the parents were too high to be placed in the desk, and they were easily placed on the table... The books were white as much as possible, and the mothers were Happy and hobby book cover, the vision of the younger children is easily attracted by the above-mentioned *** feet, the details, the parents may not think.

Admission to the school mentioned the purchase, construction of teaching aids, cleaning cups, shoe covers, it is really a reminder of parents more parents and children, I hope that in the days before school, parents can take time to accompany children to choose stationery, do handmade But these are misinterpreted as "homework" left to parents.

Principal Wang said that sending a child has become a confession for parents to break the rules. Wherever it is convenient to stop, just one or two times, the child will feel that there is no need to follow the rules for driving. Therefore, the admission is mentioned in the interview. Matters, I hope parents can give children a good example.

"Enrollment tells that it is not a deliberately difficult parent. It is a good responsibility to cooperate with the parents. It is the responsibility of unilateral cooperation." President Wang said, I hope parents can understand their intentions.

What is your concept of this "Chinese-style admission"? Please tell me: 13796008570.

Micro-questioning visit

"Chinese-style admission" tells you what to look for?

Is there such a need for such a detailed and complicated "Chinese-style admission"? In the interview, several young parents have their own concepts, and their children have just entered primary school.

Some parents said that the shack may be based on the "purchase of transparency" considerations, the mission of buying appliances fell on the parents, but the school tells that it is a bit cumbersome, there are too many items to be purchased, the preparations need to be too complicated, simply give Parents have increased their responsibilities.

Some parents said that not only do admissions, but some homework and manual construction are difficult for children to complete. It is a cold winter vacation. It can only be assisted by parents. Parents are very headaches.

Some parents suggested that admission is very necessary for parents, but such a complicated admission is a bit too detailed. Some of the items that can be purchased by parents can be listed, parents can be idle and approved. , purchased by Yushe.

There are parents who feel that they are happy to be responsible for the responsible school and the faculty. The specific admissions tell the affirmation that the work is detailed, and many tips are in addition to their common sense. For example, when you clear the schoolbag, you must be with the children all the way, not the parents. This can make the child's self-care ability.

Students and parents:

Who is the "teaching" subject

The son went to school again, Jiang Li created, there is still a lot of work, and she and her children are expected to go all the way.

The same is done by hand, and there are some differences in the primary schools in the two countries. Jiang Li was deeply impressed. When she was in the first grade in the United States, the instructor asked the children to do the work. The son wore two paper plates, and the paper tray above said, "Why do I love my mother?" The plate below reveals the source of loving mothers. Such a lovely gift is designed and built by her son. It is strange, gentle, and proud. She can't describe the sensory influence at that time. Do the manual work, according to the request of the instructor, the child will be tested and sold to the neighbors, and the money obtained will be donated to the Cixiang Fund.

A few days ago, the elementary school of the son's address organized a manual competition. The faculty suggested that parents could participate in the design and construction to advance the creativity and difficulty of the work and win awards. In Jiang Li’s view, this is not a game, but it is more than the manual level of the parents. It has nothing to do with the children. If they do not do well, they will not get the prize, and the children will not be happy. She has to help the companion of the artist. .

"I feel that I have become the subject of being taught, not the child," Jiang Li said.

There is one more thing that makes Jiang Li very sensitive. In the United States, elementary school teachers ask their mothers to read five extracurricular books for their children every day. Every week, they organize children to the welfare homes and let their sons read books to the dogs there. "Does the dog understand the book? It is to make the children a cool tour in the story." And when I return to China, after every national study, my son is faced with a lot of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, poetry and fill in the blanks, not too much time to watch. Also tools.

Jiang Li still remembers that on the way back from the United States, he heard a message from the Chinese Embassy in the United States to teach the Counsellor, "Our teachings seem to win at the point of solution, but may lose at the end."

It took less than half a month for her son to go to school, but she was deeply touched by this sentence.

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