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Travel Dapeng Ancient City Museum, please bring your own raincoat
Nov 02, 2018

They all said: People who have never been to Dapeng are not really in Shenzhen. Dapeng has the roots of Shenzhen's history and culture. There are 6,000 years ago, the earliest ancient human life site in Shenzhen, the Xiantouling site, rooted in Lingnan. The oldest traditional culture is the oldest and most important military ancient city in Shenzhen, Dapeng City. The city plane of Dapeng is in a nearly trapezoidal layout. The whole city is divided into four gates: east, west, south and north. The imposing ancient city gate stands tall, and more than 1,000 houses in the gate are antique, ancient streets and large The slate pavement and the blue brick pavement carry the heavy weight of ancient chariot guns. The city, those blue bricks and gray tiles, those narrow streets and alleys, the city's large houses are decorated with gorgeous, carved beams, the beautifully carved porch screen, the printed mottled stone steps, silently telling the fresh Live the past. The residences there have the Ming Dynasty style and the charm of Hakka and Guangfu folk culture.

  According to historical records, more than ten Qing dynasty generals in the ancient city were solemn, mighty, and majestic. Among them, the anti-British general, Lai Jingjue, was the man of the official class in Shenzhen's modern history. His "General Zhenwei" was the most complete. Dapeng Ancient City is one of the most complete military cities in the Ming Dynasty on the eastern coast of China. It is the only national key cultural relics protection unit in the city. In 1988, the Shenzhen Municipal Government announced more than ten places including Dapeng City and its East Gate, South Gate, and General Lai’s General as the city’s key cultural relics protection units; in 1989, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government announced the Dapeng City as “province”. In 1996, it was the "Shenzhen Patriotism Education Base"; in 1996, the "Dapeng Ancient City Museum" was established to carry out scientific and effective protection and management of Dapeng City. This has important value for studying the history of ancient Chinese architecture, the history of urban planning and construction, the folk culture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the history of building and building.

The Dapeng Ancient City Museum is in a rainy area, when it comes to tourism. Please be sure to bring your own waterproof raincoat and waterproof shoe cover. Because the weather is changeable, I look at the clear sky at a glance, and it rains heavily in the blink of an eye. Shenzhen Lide Ming raincoat is cheap and stylish, and it doesn't affect the value of the body, but it also increases its own temperament and becomes a fashion trend.

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