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Types and use of disposable raincoats
Aug 02, 2018

Strapless raincoat: Each package is simple and generous, easy to use, and has a variety of styles. The hat has a rope, the cuffs have rubber bands, and some do not. Raincoats are thin and thick, pure disposable raincoats, low in price, simple in packaging and easy to carry. Padded raincoats can be reused and raincoats are individually wrapped.

    Set raincoat: Set raincoat is a split raincoat, there are tops and trousers, each piece has a separate package, one-time can also be worn several times, non-disposable is long-lasting, the better the preservation, the period of use will Longer.

    The disposable raincoat raincoat is used by both men and women. It is used for concerts, outdoor activities, travel, floating and other occasions. It is easy to carry and multi-color. Raincoats are made of various PE, EVA, PVC and other fabrics, all of which use the latest technology to produce equipment. The seams are waterproof and leakproof, non-toxic and tasteless, and super environmentally friendly. The fabric is soft, does not stick to the cold, does not stick to water, is dry and comfortable, and is waterproof.

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