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Want to reform the storm, stand for a training on efficient execution
Aug 03, 2018

On the afternoon of March 16th, 2018, Professor Liu, a professor who conveyed a little civilization, conducted a training seminar on “Efficient and Efficient Execution” in the raincoat factory of Shenzhen Lideng Raincoat Co., Ltd., a famous raincoat brand in Shenzhen. Chairman Pan Mingxia and the company's management and some employees have accepted the baptism of this cultural knowledge modestly. From the differences and analysis of the people's work minds and the resulting differences, the public has gained a lot. Here are the four elements of execution.

I. Inwardly seeking responsibility thinking---the fundamental of implementation

Responsibility thinking means that employees have to shoulder their own responsibilities at all times when they are on the job, and find that problems are not pushed off to subordinates, colleagues, and even leaders. If you don't find an objective reason from the outside, you don't always get caught up in the strengths and weaknesses, but you can find problems from yourself and focus on the overall situation. For a leader, it is necessary to lead by example, and to keep employees in the heart. The so-called strong generals have no weak soldiers. Your employees will not listen to what you say but how you do it. Be prepared to take responsibility at all times, because responsibility is the beginning of real growth; responsibility is the beginning of executive promotion; responsibility is the beginning of dealing with problems. Execution of the truth: I am the root of all.

Second, the successful thinking - the soul of execution

The real implementation of the definition is 100% responsible, and success is achieved without compromise. I used to think that the obligation of the superior was immediately implemented. I just tried my best to not reach the result in real time. I also had the execution power, and I realized that the day really understood its meaning. Because the buyer will always pay attention to your sweat and labor, all he wants is success. Therefore, if the employee is determined to move forward, he must be successful in order to get the job, in order to get the salary you want and the position you want. As long as the hard work is worthless, as long as the merits are worth the money.

Third, market-oriented thinking - the spirit of execution

The two most quintessential words of market-oriented thinking are "handed over", and you have to hand over your own body and mind to the deeds, and you can get as much as you can. To regard work as a kind of enjoyment, to maintain a sense of crisis at all times, to have oppression, to have motivation, to actively learn, and to improve self-ability. The company must also establish a mechanism to force and guide employees to be advanced, and the human strategy should be clear in the future, which constitutes the starting talent cultivation structure.

Fourth, outstanding requirements thoughts - manipulation of execution

Outstanding requirements mean that the company's products and the company must maintain high standards and strict requirements. Your attitude towards the product determines your passing product. Strictly change the style of "Ma Yu Yan Hu, greatly ambiguous", "almost can, a little problem." Look at it with awe in a great model. Let the employee give birth to a force from the bones to protect it and do it well.

The above points on the execution of the analysis of the point to a thorough, targeted, caught the center, to help the staff of the raincoat factory to find the value of self-existence. This lecture is very inspiring, very shocking, deepening and simple! The company's business backbone found a non-business

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