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Waterproof knowledge of raincoats
Aug 03, 2018

Raincoats produced by raincoat manufacturers can play an important role in life, but today Xiaobian will explain the waterproof knowledge of everyone, let's take a look!

When the raincoat is in use, it has good waterproof performance, but if you want to extend its use, you need to pay attention to its use and storage in daily life. After using it, you need to clean it first, then dry it. Avoid it from aging, and in production, it mainly uses rubber, and it is also a polymer material. For this product, it has many atomic groups and unsaturated chemical bonds. So it will make it have a certain waterproof performance.

Therefore, the raincoat manufacturers remind consumers that the raincoats must be maintained and maintained during the use process in order to make them have good waterproofness.

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