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Waterproof raincoat production process detailed
Jul 07, 2018

Waterproof raincoat production process detailed

We all know why we wear waterproof raincoats. The main reason is that we can better protect ourselves. Otherwise, we don’t have any need to wear it. So what are the waterproof raincoats when they are made? What about the process?

Then let's explain it to you in detail. It is also important that no matter what process is used, we only need to know how to maintain and protect them at the time of purchase or use. Closing process 4: If the original leather has the phenomenon of "eat pulp" or "wearing pulp", it will easily cause the leather to become hard; or the user needs better gloss and softness after maintenance, and the sealant can be used: water = 1:1 light Spray 1-2 times. After drying, the effect of ironing with 30 is better. Or use aniline sealer: water spray 1-2 times. Color change process 5: If the color of the original leather is not good, it is required to change to other colors, spray it evenly with the coloring agent of the desired color, apply it to the surface of the leather, perform the bottoming dyeing, and then increase the hiding degree according to the second process, and finally use Process three glazing increases gloss, abrasion and fixation.Outdoor children's raincoats.jpg

Nylon plus polyvinyl chloride as the material: the inner surface of the nylon fabric is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer. The price is moderate and not easy to break. It is the main material of the raincoat now. It is made of waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth: the inner surface of the fabric is coated with a waterproof layer. Moisture permeable coatings, like the raincoats commonly used by police and climbers, have a waterproof and moisture permeable layer with 1 billion micropores per inch. These pores allow gas molecules to pass through but not allow larger water molecules to pass through. Waterproof and breathable.

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