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Wearing a shoe cover eleven golden week Pinggu Shilinxia travel notes
Nov 02, 2018

The eleventh long holiday is the most comfortable weather in Beijing during the year. The autumn is high and we are ready to go to the surrounding mountains to experience the charm of nature. Mentougou is too far away, and Yanqing is too blocked. Pinggu is a good choice. About 80 kilometers from the city, flying along the six ring road, an hour to today's destination Shilin Gorge. A large number of wild persimmon trees appeared on the roadside of Pinggu Mountain. The persimmon of yellow orange and orange is set against the blue sky, which is very interesting. It is a kind of beauty different from the city.

I have checked the information before that there is a mountain and water in Shilin Gorge. It is a geological park and there is a huge glass viewing platform on the top of the mountain. The parking lot at the entrance of the scenic spot is very small, and the parking fee for small cars is five, which is very cost-effective. Unfortunately, we have no space when we arrived. Fortunately, there is less than one kilometer to drive forward, and there is a completely free place for the coach to park. When you get off the bus and look up, it is no wonder that it is called Shilin Gorge. The mountain is very steep and you can see the round glass viewing platform at the top of the mountain.

At the scene, you can buy 78 tickets at the scene, which is also acceptable. There is a simple security check at the door, which is in the fireproof period. Lighters and the like are not allowed to be brought into the mountains. Small dogs just need to bring a good leash, but it doesn't matter. The joy of Sahuan in our family officially began. As the reservoir is approaching, you can see a clear water in the door. It is built in the style of Wudang Mountain. There are many Taoist root carvings nearby. It seems that it is a Taoist style, although no temples have been seen along the way.

The Shangshan Road is relatively flat and there are not many people. There are creeks and waterholes along the way, very quiet and cool. The relationship between the geological parks, the stones on the mountains are very distinctive, and occasionally you can see the red rocks, dye the whole stream of red water, how to look like a pig scene. There are painted little squirrels and owls on many stones, very cute. Here we met the cable car for the first time, 100 people. The cable car is only one kilometer in length, and it is really crowded. Decisive 11 roads open up the mountain.

In the latter half of the mountain, the mountain began to be steep, almost straight up and down, and the life of climbing was not as good as death. Opened the people are not as good as the dog series, Huanhuan dog jumped and jumped and panted us to climb up. Soon we found the source of the stream, a waterfall that was more than a dozen meters high and flowed down the mountain. Here is a good place to take pictures, you can shoot a length of one meter eight legs, two meters of gas field. Further up we met the second cable car, still one hundred people, the cable car entrance is also equipped with a "threat" broadcast, telling the tourists to do what they can, without the cable car, there is an hour and a half to reach the top of the mountain. We are scared, and we continue to move our teeth! Near the peak of the final sprint, we met the third cable car, this time the price cut, fifty-one people. The last paragraph and its steepness, each step has the same height as the calf, very difficult to climb. Looking up, you can see the glass round table and the tourists above. Huanhuan dog was discouraged from the hollowed-out steps, and did not want to go up again, so I had to go to the top. I found out here that there are very few tourists along the way. Everyone is concentrated in this last paragraph, trying to climb up.

The final viewing platform also requires a 40 yuan ticket. I walked up with a singular shoe cover. Although the glass was slightly flowered, it looked very beautiful and it was very scary when I looked down at the mountains and the red and green. Especially on the viewing platform, with the mountain wind, the glass table will shake slightly, scaring my mobile phone can not get up. The entire viewing platform is equipped with three or four staff members to maintain order. Visitors are not allowed to stay on the observation deck for too long, but as long as they can keep moving, they can walk along the round table.

Poor, weak and helpless, I walked alone on the glass table and rushed down to meet my family. As a result, I saw a funny scene in which one person and one dog shivered while watching the scenery in the mountain wind.

There is nothing to say about the downhill road, all of which are relatively slow steps. Almost straight to the foot of the mountain, it returned to the parking lot when we arrived in less than an hour. In general, this autumn tour activity is slightly larger, the next day I feel that the whole leg is not my own, and the bones are screaming. But the scenery is beautiful, and the last glass table is also very thrilling, it is a good place to be worth it.

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