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What are the advantages of reflective raincoats?
Aug 03, 2018

The products of the raincoat manufacturers can be divided into multiple varieties. The day's small series is a reflective raincoat for the public. Then, when this reflective raincoat is used, can it have any advantage?

This kind of reflective raincoat now occupies a tight share in the market. Under normal conditions, it can be illuminated by street lights or lights, and a more dazzling light can appear, so that it can alert the passing vehicles to safety. The goal. At the time of production, the product is equipped with a structure of reflective strips on the outside. When riding in the rainy night, the lights of the cars coming in all directions are illuminated on the reflective strips, reflecting the light of the target, prompting the driver of the car to pay attention, avoiding The occurrence of a traffic accident.

The reflective raincoat is a safety mark made of a strong reflective material on the base of the upper and lower body and the shoulder symmetry or other parts without changing the structure of the existing raincoat.

The sanitation raincoat is different from other products, so its style and style will be different. Under normal conditions, it can be applied to special guards such as sanitation workers and traffic police duty, and at the time of design, Normally, the main colors are fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange. This is because this color is more beautiful, and it can also play a very good warning role. In the back of this kind of clothes, it is also required to use reflective strips. At night, the reflective effect of the reflective strips is very good, and the warning effect is remarkable.

Therefore, the workers of these booths are also very need to buy raincoats of this kind. While carrying forward the excellent rain protection function, they can also improve the protection of these staff members.

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