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What color raincoat is best for rainy days?
Aug 02, 2018

It is recommended to wear a bright yellow raincoat! ! The yellow penetrating power is relatively strong, especially in rainy days, red, yellow, and the best scattering angle. Walking on the road, people who drive can recognize each other at a glance, thus ensuring safety. The inner layer of the raincoat absorbs sweat and moisture, the middle layer is warm and breathable, and the outer layer is windproof.

Generally, raincoats have a one-piece cap, which is worn on the poncho's hood, and the longer visor can block the rain. If you think

Still face to face, wear a hat to stabilize, can be windproof and rainproof.

You lose your rain boots, the rain in the early spring soaks your toes, you take off your raincoat and give it to passers-by. His wet clothes are like you, walking alone. Do not tell the story, do not mention the affectionate South, do not talk about the mind forgotten September. He is as silent as you are, pretending not to cry, I am walking farthest in the world, there is no end of the road, when I meet the rainy day, I look back at the raincoat, he is the most authentic in the world.

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