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What do you think about selling a 268 yuan raincoat to a cyclist?
Nov 02, 2018

As the sharing of bicycles has intensified, the financing ability of shared bicycles has also climbed all the way, which has made many entrepreneurs jealous. Of course, the profit of shared bicycles has always been questionable. Yesterday shared the bicycle giant "Mobai", test the new profit point: sell raincoats!

Yesterday, Moby announced the sale of raincoats, and it is a portable raincoat. This raincoat is designed by the designer brand exciTING and is designed for portable raincoats designed for cycling.

This raincoat is designed with a retractable backpack space, and the length of the hem is also designed for cycling. The brim department is completely transparent and the clothing body is provided with reflective strips for safety reasons.

At first glance, this raincoat is quite fashionable. Its price is 268 yuan, which makes many netizens say that it is unacceptable. Some netizens admit that they will not accept a raincoat to sell such a expensive price. There are also netizens' message: As a bicycle derivative, a certain treasure will soon be as long as 68 yuan.

In fact, aside from this price, cycling raincoats are also a good attempt to share the profit of bicycles. As a shared bicycle that provides convenient travel, I also hope that it can generate more and more convenient services. This is also the horizontal development of shared bicycles. An idea.

What do you think about the riding raincoat that Moby tested this time?

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